Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Drone Footage: Great White Sharks at Pismo Beach

It looks to me like this is well south of the pier, not that it matters. The area is teeming with small bait fish, which attract seals, dolphins and whales, the proper food for Great Whites. If the date on the YouTube is accurate, it's one of the days we were there. And we did see a drone.
Dustin McCaslin took his DJI Phantom 3 drone to Pismo Beach, California, over the weekend hoping to fly it over the ocean and capture footage of surfers. He ended up capturing something a bit worrisome on camera.

McCaslin said that he flew the drone back to dry land and showed the footage to lifeguard Patrick Cullen. A boat was dispatched to check out the area. McCaslin said he was told the big fish appeared to be “very sharky” adding that the sharks are “always out there, we just can’t see them.”
Yep, they are. It's their ocean; we're just visitors.


  1. enter the ocean... enter the food chain

    Australian man involved in a shark attack beats shark to death with his own severed leg

    Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia - At 5:40 am local time on Thursday morning, an alarm came about a sharkattack in Maroochydore, Australia. An earlybird surfer, a local 42-year old man had made it to shore was missing a leg and appeared to have lost litres of blood in the water. Medical attention was swiftly at the scene and managed to rush the man to the Sunshine Coast hospital within 20 minutes. The man drifted in and out of conciousness for the duration of the ambulance ride, but was able to recount some shocking details about what had happened to him.

    One of the emergency workers was interviewed by Sunshine Coast Daily and had this to say:

    "The man began telling us about the sharkattack, how he had been sitting on the surfboard and howthe shark had gotten a hold of his leg, ripped it off...and then he told us something we couldn't believe. The man apparently grabbed his own severed leg and beat the Shark with such a force that it died."

    At first the animal control people at the beach couldn't find the shark using their helicopter, but then upon going out to where the sharkattack had taken place by boat, they made the startling discovery. The shark lay dead in the water, bloody, apparently killed from blunt trauma to the face, its eyes were utterly destroyed. The surfer had indeed killed the shark with his own leg.

    Uhuh.... sure. Seems legit and its on the internet and all so it must be true

  2. I saw that. If he had a wooden leg to start with, maybe. . .