Thursday, August 13, 2015

Midnite Music - "Didn't it Rain"

Sister Rosetta Tharpe shows off her raw talent in this legendary clip from the early 1960s. At an old train station hidden away in the UK, this “Godmother of Rock and Roll” showed an audience of young beatniks, hippies, and college students just exactly where music was leading to.

On a cold British morning a television crew filmed this unknown (to the British) African-American woman who, dressed to the nines, danced, sang, and played the guitar in such a fashion that it managed to inspire a whole generation of singer-songwriters. Her combination of gospel with early rock and roll shows her as “the link” between two categories of music which, over the years, evolved into the very different styles that they are today.
Holds up pretty well. And I have a weakness for the SGs.

Wombat-socho brings the grand Rule 5 roundup with "Rule 5 Sunday: Rebel Girls."

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