Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Clinton.com Catchup

Five days is really too long to let this go.

Clinton aides’ BlackBerrys likely destroyed - Huma and Cheryl Mills Blackberries were destroyed after Hillary left the Secretaryship. It could be coincidence, but a Goldfinger once told Bond, "once is happenstance, twice is coincidence; the third time is enemy action." I don't have an exact count, but Hillary is at least in double digits.

Judge Grows Irritated with State Department Foot-Dragging on Clinton E-mails - The time for irritation is long past. Judge Sullivan needs to start putting some State Dept employees in the jug until their attitude improves.

The Comical Dishonesty of Clinton’s E-mail Press Conference
As is now clear, Hillary possesses almost none of Bill’s remarkable personal virtues. She’s not warm or spontaneous or alluring or quick. She has no discernible political instincts. She doesn’t even seem to enjoy the human contact on which successful public servants thrive. But boy can she fib with the best of them. From start to precipitous finish, her performance was pure Clintonian evasion. “What I did,” she argued carefully — after trying a quick “nothing to do with me” for good measure — “was legally permitted, number one, first and foremost, okay?”
Special Operations Vets Call For Kerry To Strip Hillary Of Security Clearance
A group of special operations veterans and intelligence community officials have formally asked Secretary of State John Kerry to strip former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of her security clearance along with three of her top aides, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The organization, called the Special Operations Educational Fund, wrote Kerry August 5 asking that he “immediately suspend the security clearances” because of Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email server and domain name that contains classified information. SOF is a 501 (c) 4 nonprofit group.

The group also asked Kerry to administratively suspend the security clearances of Clinton and aides Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan.
I understand where the vets are coming from; if they had treated classified information as cavalierly as this bunch, they would not only have their clearances yanked, burned and the ashes  scattered, but they would probably be brought up on charges as well.

Latest pro-Hillary spin: Classifications are dumb, y’all - Sure, I'll bet a lot of classified information isn't nearly as important as they make it out, and yes, I'm sure that material is classified in many cases to cover bureaucratic asses (which require a lot of covering), but the Secretary of State doesn't get to declassify data just so she can mix it on the same private server as Chelsea's wedding and her yoga routines.

G-Men: We Might Prosecute "Ma" Clinton - I can't wait.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Says Classified Emails Were on Server
Pointing to two emails that helped spark the FBI probe, the Clinton campaign said State Department officials considered the material unclassified at the time it was sent. The controversy, said Mr. Fallon, amounts to a dispute between different agencies within the Obama administration about what constitutes classified material and what should be released publicly.

“When it comes to classified information, the standards are not at all black and white,” said Mr. Fallon on a conference call with reporters.

The two emails in question were written by lower-ranking State Department officials and forwarded to Mrs. Clinton by top aides Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin, who both now work for her Democratic presidential campaign.
Poor little Hillary, just a "passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became deemed as classified" according to one of her spokesdouches. Even if true (which I doubt) When you're SecState, you should anticipate that a lot of the email traffic you make will be secret in nature. That's why it's wrong to keep your email on a private, unsecured server. Book her, Dano.

Hillary's rivals in the Democrat Party also exhibit a shocking lack of interest in national security - Hillary’s Democratic competition gets serious, declares email scandal…a distraction. You wouldn't really expect Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley to give a damn, but Jim Webb?

Judge says Hillary Clinton's private emails violated policy
A federal judge has added fresh fuel to the incendiary controversy over Hillary Clinton’s email, asserting during a hearing Thursday that she violated government policy by storing official messages on a private server when she worked as secretary of state.

“We wouldn’t be here today if this employee had followed government policy,” said U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, apparently referring to Clinton, during a hearing on one of the many Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking access to her records as secretary of state.

Sullivan’s said Clinton’s actions had complicated the State Department’s ability to respond to requests for records on various topics. He also ordered the State Department to contact the FBI to determine whether the private server Clinton used, which Clinton turned over to that law enforcement agency earlier this month, contains official records possibly responsive to the FOIA suit. . . “We’re not talking about a search of anyone’s random email,” Sullivan added.
Judge orders State to coordinate with FBI about Clinton server
A federal judge on Thursday ordered the State Department to communicate with the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, and opened the door to additional demands on the former secretary of state.

Judge Emmet Sullivan told the department to “establish a dialogue” with the FBI about the machine, and be prepared to demand that the FBI turn over documents that may be related to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

“I'm surprised that State didn't do that already,” Sullivan told government lawyers. “If you can get the information as result of a dialogue with the FBI... I think I may be satisfied,” he added. “Let's see what the investigation reveals, if anything.”
 Hillary’s email caper: She had inside help
The satellite imagery data had to originate at the Department of Defense. It ended up on Clinton’s server. According to the callers on the audio the DoD intranet is NOT connected with the outside world. Security measures exist to prevent that from being a possibility. In order for Hillary for come into possession of this kind of data on her own homemade server someone would have had to download the information, place it on a device (like a thumb drive or SD card), take the device or card out of the SCIF , upload the information to a conventional server, PC or smartphone, strip off the classified labels and then email it to Hillary Clinton’s private server. It’s called spillage.
. . .

Everyone’s been so focused on Hillary simply having classified information on her server I don’t think anyone’s addressed how that could even happen. Who sent the emails containing the classified information to Hillary? We do need to know. Remember how big a deal Valerie Plame was? This is way, way bigger.

Adding to the mystery- the State Department made no effort to secure Clinton’s server after it was hacked in 2013.
Yep, someone, somewhere, probably in the State Dept. and probably one of Hillary's special henchpeople removed the secret marks on the satellite data and passed it on to Hillary. It had to be pretty much in recognition of the fact that doing so was violating the law. And Hillary had to be aware of the procedure.

Thigh gap - Not Hillary
Some women worry about thigh gap, but Hillary has to worry about air gap:
. . . I’ve gone on at a little length there because I want to make it clear: this classification is pretty heavy stuff, with the potential to cause “exceptionally grave damage,” and containing information that can be identified as coming from both Earth-based and satellite-based collection, that shouldn’t be shared with any foreign national.

This information would always be air-gapped. There is no (legitimate) way that a computer system could be connected to TS//SI//TK//NOFORN data and to the outside world.

What can happen is that someone copies information, onto a piece of paper or a thumb drive (actually systems that can handle TS shouldn’t have thumb drives either, but it’s too easy to sneak one in or out) and then copied into an email in an uncontrolled system – a cell phone or a laptop or an iPad. The person doing it has to know that it’s coming from a secure system, has to know how sensitive the data really is; they go through lots of training, repeated reminders, and come and go to the office through a freaking vault door that would do credit to a bank.

It has to be done on purpose, and it has to be done knowingly. There has to have been conscious intent to do it.

That, folks, is a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information, for which the prescribed punishment is to be “fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.” Which applies both to the sender, and to the recipient.
Another Hillary Lie: Team Grandmonster Never Informed DHS About Secret Email System, Despite DHS Rules Requiring Updates About Communications Systems
The DHS required regular updates about the security of email systems so they could audit them to discover if they were secure or if they were hackable.

Grandmonster Hillary never told them about this key system, upon which she conducted all of her official State business Pinterest-based Yoga Routine Research.
The State Department does not appear to have submitted legally required information regarding Hillary Clinton's secret computer server to the Department of Homeland Security during her term as secretary, FoxNews.com has learned.
All federal government agencies are mandated to submit a list of systems, vulnerabilities and configuration issues to DHS every 30 days. The department then performs a "cyberscope audit" to ensure security, a responsibility the agency has had since 2010.
FoxNews.com learned of the lapse as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request submitted June 11. It is not clear if State Department officials in charge of compliance with the DHS audits knew of their boss's server, which has been shown to have included "top secret" information in emails.
John Schindler runs down the lies from Grandmonster Hillary's recent statements and concludes:
The prodigious Team Hillary lies must stop. With each new, flat-out lie, she is damaging her party and the country. It’s time to come clean and end this charade. There’s not much time left — the FBI will end its investigation eventually, and I doubt Clinton, Inc. will like what the Bureau finds. . .
WaPo columnist to Hillary: Stop digging
The demand that Hillary Clinton obey the First Law of Holes has as much chance of success as getting Hillary to obey the First Laws of Handling Classified Material, but the plea is noteworthy for its authorship. It’s not George Will or Charles Krauthammer offering Hillary Clinton this advice, but Ruth Marcus, one of the liberal columnists in the Washington Post. Marcus desperately wants Hillary to stop doing damage to her campaign — but this may miss the point of Hillary’s continued digging. . .:
So, my advice: Stop making light. Stop litigating. Stop the high-handed dismissing. Stop the prickliness with the media; we’re not going away. Stop the non-apology apologies (you didn’t do anything wrong, but you wouldn’t do it over again).
You don’t need to grovel or confess to grievous errors. Just dial down the combativeness — as hard as this is for you — and ramp up the reasonableness: You understand people have questions. If classified information was not adequately protected, you’d like to know that and figure out what lessons can be learned.
This problem isn’t going away. The trick, right now, is simply not making it worse.
Wombat-socho enters the fray with "Rule 5 Sunday: Hot Babes In Space."

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