Sunday, August 9, 2015 Still Up to Its Old Tricks

A week later, and their still trying to hide their crimes.

Cheryl Mills To Destroy Emails About Boss Hillary Clinton
In a letter sent to the U.S. State Department and just filed today with U.S. federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the counsel for Cheryl Mills wrote: “Ms. Mills does not believe that she has paper copies of potential records in her possession. Following our production on August 10, 2015 [of the defense counsel’s version of the electronic records], we have instructed her to delete any and all electronic records in her possession.”

That is a far stretch from a statement by Ms. Mills under penalty of perjury, and she and her lawyers are planning to delete the emails Judge Sullivan wants produced?

Judicial Watch has made an emergency filing in Judge Sullivan’s court to stop the further destruction of evidence of what may very well be assorted criminal conduct and violations of numerous federal laws.
Unbelievable, and yet sadly believable:

Other old news that went unremarked:

Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton’s Email Excuses Are ‘Classic Deflection’
Todd noted that it wasn’t even clear what Clinton’s motivation was for using a private server to begin with. “It’s very possible that her and her political team are paranoid about House Republicans and have been for years, are paranoid about transparency and have been for years, and so they said, ‘We’re going to make this as hard as possible for Congress to sort of poke around our personal affairs…'”

“That is the best reason, that’s a best case scenario,” noted host Mika Bzrezinski.
Cables Show Hillary Clinton's State Department Deeply Involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership

"I did not work on TPP," she said after a meeting with leaders of labor unions who oppose the pact. "I advocated for a multinational trade agreement that would 'be the gold standard.' But that was the responsibility of the United States Trade Representative."

But at a congressional hearing in 2011, Clinton told lawmakers that "with respect to the TPP, although the State Department does not have the lead on this -- it is the United States Trade Representative -- we work closely with the USTR." Additionally, State Department cables reviewed by International Business Times show that her agency -- including her top aides -- were deeply involved in the diplomatic deliberations over the trade deal. The cables from 2009 and 2010, which were among a trove of documents disclosed by the website WikiLeaks, also show that the Clinton-run State Department advised the U.S. Trade Representative’s office on how to negotiate the deal with foreign government officials.
Top Clinton aide accused of receiving overpayments at State Department
State Department investigators concluded this year that Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest aides, was overpaid by nearly $10,000 because of violations of rules governing vacation and sick leave during her tenure as an official in the department.

The finding — which Abedin has formally contested — emerged publicly Friday after Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) sent letters to Secretary of State John F. Kerry and others seeking more information about an investigation into possible “criminal” conduct by Abedin concerning her pay.
Huma is strictly a functionary.  She should never have been paid out of the tax payers wallet.

Hillary Clinton's camp fears a new 'bimbo eruption' will put the kibosh on candidacy - especially from Gennifer Flowers who claimed Bill liked to be blindfolded and tied up with silk scarves and called his wife 'Hilla the Hun'

Fears are growing among Hillary Clinton's advisors that Bill's sordid past is returning to thwart his wife's presidential campaign.

With her presidential bid the couple's relationship is the subject of renewed scrutiny bringing with it the threat of a second 'eruption of bimbos' akin to the one that almost derailed Bill's own presidential bid first time round.

In recent weeks Hillary's campaign has found itself increasingly mired in the scandals of the past.

Paula Jones, whose sexual harassment case almost cost Bill the presidency 21 years ago, has already come forward to deliver her verdict on Hillary's bid for the highest office.
. . .
Kathleen Willey, who has claimed she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1993, is going after Hillary with a website chronicling 'a scandal a day' – and she's looking for more sex-harassment victims.

Willey says Hillary Clinton is 'the most corrupt human being, the most corrupt politician that this nation has ever seen, man or woman.'
. . .
Among the most explosive of scandals was Gennifer Flowers, 65, whose torrid 12 year affair with Bill during his time as Attorney General and governor of Arkansas wrought havoc on his presidential bid in 1992. She may be next to divulge more damaging secrets of her time with the former president.
 Planned Parenthood Had Hillary's Private Email Address

Planned Parenthood emailed Hillary Clinton on her private email address. The revelation comes in the most recently released trove of Clinton's emails.

Here's the email from Laurie Rubiner, vice president of public policy and advocacy, sent directly to Clinton:

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