Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Red Letter Day at Clinton.com

It's still coming. First, we get news that, as the stash of 30,000 emails that Hillary and her lawyers chose to give back to the state department, some 305 out of the first 6,000 reviewed contained some kind of classified material, for a "crime rate" of about 5%. Assuming that rate holds up, we can therefore expect a total of about 1,500 felonies.

Speaking of the emails that didn't get sent to the State Department, the 30,000 or so that Clinton.com deleted, so they say, because they were personal emails about Chelsea.com's wedding or Hillary.com's yoga routines, there is reason to suspect that the ungovernmentally approved service provider that Clinton.com contracted with to run the server may have kept a copy. It will sure be a bummer for Clinton.com if the emails on that hard drive contain State Dept. work product that she and her lawyers failed to turn over.

In another branch of the same scandal, (it's so hard to keep score), the State Dept. suddenly found another 17,855 emails from Hillary's Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Raines that had been FOIAd by Gawker back in 2012, and had been responded to as "After a thorough search…no records responsive to your request were located. First there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is. . .

It was also noted the when the government discovered that Hillary's lawyer had a back up of her inbox on a thumb drive in his office, the government's response was not, as one might suspect to seize and take custody of the evidence, but to provide security for the evidence by providing a safe to keep it in, trusting Clinton and her lawyer not to tamper with the evidence. I suppose the government also let Al Capone keep his business records until his trial for tax evasion, amiright?

Even some honest liberals are starting to doubt her. Bob Woodward compared the current email debacle with Nixon erasing White House tapes in Watergate.

Ron Founier allows that while a year ago he would have been happy to take a job as her hired hack, he no longer trusts her.

Mary Dejevski, the English opinion writer said "I’m a Hillary Clinton fan. But I hope she bows out with grace." Grace is not really much of a Clinton virtue.

Jenna Adamson at USA Today, points out how Clinton.com presents misleading quotes from fact checkers to bolster her defense. To be fair, most the fact checkers are soft on the Clintons, and probably wrote the columns to give them every possible out.

No liberal, Wesley Pruden called the whole affair "The Hillary Horror Movie, a Sequel."

John Hinderacker at Powerline points out that a Pro-Clinton CNN editorial was written by a Clinton campaign bundler. But at least she got an ambassadorship (Hungary) out of it.

But just in case you thought that Obama was turning on the Clintons, Billy and Hilly hobnobed Saturday night away with Barack at a party on Martha's Vineyard (who was Martha, and why did she grow grapes in Massachusetts?). But then I suppose Brutus may have attended an orgy with Julius the night before the Ides of March.

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