Friday, August 7, 2015

The Butterflies of Madonna Peak

There were a lot of these little guys flitting around low brush and lighting on the ground. I'm not entirely sure, but I've settled on the Common Ringlet as the most likely, given the choices in San Louis Obispo County. If it is, it's a very pale form.
This is one of the two that I've been looking for, Lorquin's Admiral. Note the orange wing tip that extends down the edge of the fore wings, and the pattern of white bars.
 Another shot of the same one.
This very similar butterfly is the California Sister. Note the orange on the wing tip is confined to a dot, and there are less white markings.

A very tiny Blue of some sort, badly out of focus, as I could not persuade the camera to focus on the butterfly and not the ground. However, from what I saw, I could vacillate between either the Acmon Blue or Lupine Blue, based on the orange marks on the hind wing. This was easily the smallest butterfly I have ever seen, even smaller than the Eastern-tailed Blues back east.

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