Friday, August 7, 2015

Hiking the High Chaparral

A trail marker at the bottom of the trail
Bothers Ted and Mark, their wives Monica and Brigitte, Corwin and I set off on a three way mission, to climb Madonna Mountain, while geochaching (Monica and Brigitte), looking for an old mercury mine (Mark), and photographing butterflies (me). They found geochaches, I found butterflies, but we didn't reach the mine. I'll put the butterflies in a second post.
Cerro San Luis Obispo is a 1,292 feet (394 m) mountain in San Luis Obispo, California. It is part of the chain of peaks called the Nine Sisters, and is often referred to as San Luis Mountain, Mount San Luis, or Madonna Mountain. It is a popular spot for mountain biking and hiking, offering spectacular views and steep terrain. 
There were plenty of California Poppies along the path.
Looking up the trail, which
Looking for a geocache. All that were sought were found.
A Western Fence Lizard hiding from us by going under a rock
Looking back from whence we came, down in the Los Osos Valley near the Costco.
The road not taken.
Looking down over the valley to three more of the Nine Sisters.
A Live Oak providing a little shade.
Coming back with only a few minutes to go. Costco is the large building covered with solar cells on the right, and we were parked there.

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