Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drunk Oregonian Demands Skink

An intoxicated man barricaded himself in a hotel room, threatening to shoot at police and demanding a snack (pizza) and a wife (Paris Hilton), cops said.

Fredrick Denney, 61, from Oregon, caused a disturbance at the Hampton Inn in Belmont, N.C., that wound up drawing multiple agencies — including a SWAT team — to the scene, Charlotte, N.C., NBC affiliate WCNC reported.

Authorities said they shut down the second floor of the hotel while they tried to coax him out of the hotel room, but he refused, barring socialite Paris Hilton's hand in marriage, according to cops.

Eventually, Denney was subdued with pepper spray, taken into custody and mentally evaluated, WCNC reported. He faces multiple charges, $90,000 bond — and bachelorhood.

Cops said he had been involved in run-ins with SWAT teams in other states in the past, too.
You know, the endless gray skies and drizzle of Oregon can drive a guy crazy.  But she'd probably be lucky to have him.

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