Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Former Pron Star Seeks Community Service

Former porn star working as EMT in Virginia
A former porn star is now reportedly working as a volunteer emergency medical technician in Virginia, where some are questioning her suitability for the job.

Harmony Rose, 29, is a volunteer for the Cave Spring Rescue Squad, where she has been working for the past several months after passing a criminal background check, WDBJ7.com reports.

Chief Laura Alexander, who declined to discuss Rose’s previous career as an adult film actress (NSFW link) said Rose is currently on a six-month probation period that is standard for new volunteers. After her probation period, the squad's members will vote to decide whether Rose becomes a permanent member.
Is she clean, (drugs and VD)?  If so she should be allowed to try out for the volunteer position.  Why should this be held against her?  Her previous work was legal, if distasteful to some, and shouldn't be a disqualifying matter.  I firmly believe that people need to be allowed to try to better themselves, and others shouldn't try to stand in their way when they make the attempt.

Rose’s previous line of employment, however, has prompted Roanoke County Fire Chief Rick Burch to recently seek legal advice from the county attorney.

In a letter obtained by the station's website, County Attorney Paul Mahoney said Roanoke County doesn't have much power when it comes to volunteer rescue squads.

“These decisions are left to the volunteers,” the letter read.
I hope the other volunteers evaluate her based on her efforts, and her abilities in her probationary period and not on her past efforts. You go girl!

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