Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Olympic Babe Page

I'm starting to see "Hot Babes of the Olympic" type posts pop up here and there (not to mention my own feeble attempts , so I though I'd start a page to celebrate and direct you all to notable ladies of the 2012 Olympiad.  I'll update this page as I find things, so come back often.

First up, from Paraguay, the noted spear chucker (and model) , Leryn Franco.  More photos here:

Next, Australian Pole Vaulter, Melanie Adams:

U.S. Women's Volleyball Jen Kessey:

Isabelle Gulden, Sweden, Handball:

Jacque Carvalho, Brazil Volleyball:

Wizbang's Olympic Babe du jour, Logan Tom, USA Beach Volleyball:

Another Wizbang Girl, Darya Klishina, Russian Long Jumper

Olympic athletes tattoos; warning, some of these are male!  Anastasia Davydova, gold medal winning synchronized swimmer:

Jewish American Princess Aly Raisman brings home the gold, and incurs a $10,000 debt to the IRS to the strains of 'Hava Nagila':

Wizbang's Girl du jour is Staphanie Rice, the swimmer from Australia:

Wizbang's Olympic babe for 8/2/12 Emilia Pikkarainen, swimmer from Finland:

While not exactly the height of babedom, the Chinese Badminton pair, Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang, 2012 World Champions,  made the news by being disqualified for throwing a match to better their position later in the tournement:

Similarly Korean pairs Kyung Jung and Ha Na Kim:

and Jung Eun Ha and her partner Min Jung Kim

and Indonesian couple Meiliana Jauhari and Gresia Polii were also tossed:

I blame whoever made the rules that allowed throwing games to be potentially advantageous.

Rebecca Soni incurred a debt of almost $10,000 to the US government, by winning the Gold Medal in the 200 meter breaststroke (and setting a new world record).  But she couldn't have done it without Obama's stimulus spending, so she owes it to him.

Gold Medal winning Chinese diver Wu Minxia (now there's a name to conjure with), won the gold, and was then told that her grandparents had died the year previous, and her mother was being treated for breast cancer.  No personal distractions allowed in the the Chinese program:

Wizbang add Jennifer Ennis, British track and field start to their collection:

Urska Zolnir (top) from Slovenia beat China's Xu Lili (bottom) to win the Gold in Judo.  She's not that cute, but I thought if I didn't include her, she might hurt me...

Wizbang's Olympic Babe of the Day is Ivet Lolova, Bulgarian sprinter.

Playing now in the Beach Volley Ball Quarterfinal, Sara Goller, for Germany:

Wizbang's Olympic Chick of Yesterday was Christine Sonali Merril, Track and Field, Sri Lanka.

and their babe of today was Lolo (Lori) Jones, US track and Field.

Aliya Mustafina, Russian Gymnastics:

And a new Wizbang Olympic Babe, Destinee Hooker, US Volleyball:

Today they doubled up on one of my earlier ones Leryn Franco...

Wizbang babe of 8/10 is Hope Solo, Goalie for the Gold Medal US Women's Soccer Team:

Melissa Wu, Australian Diving:

And Dave in Texas at Ace's posts this NBC ad that annoyed feminists so much they took it down:

 Wizbang's girl for 8/11, Luciana Aymar, Argentina, Field Hockey.

And for 8/12, McCayla Maroney, US Gymnastics, in a better moment:

And now a duo, USA Gold winning Misty May-Trainor and Kerri Walsh, Beach Volleyball (natch).

 Dutch Field Hockey Player (and model), Fatima Morielo de Melo:

And taking the Gold Medal for Naked Olympic Stupidity, the girls of Femen (NSFW). As I've said before, whatever they're against, I'm for! Keep the Protest Alive!

Rule 5 Sunday done come on Sunday this week at the Other McCain, with "Every Rose Has It's Thorn."


  1. that's a cool list, except neither Melanie Adams or Darya made the Olympics.

  2. most of these woman are average at best an you fat lonely bedroom bloggers should get out more