Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some Tough News From the Left Coast

My younger brother, Ted, sometimes co-blogger and gun blogger at "A Man, A Dog and A Gun" has some troubling news:
There is no nice or fancy way of saying this.

Thursday, July 12th, my wife received the results of the biopsy.

She has breast cancer.

It is very early. The first “Needle Biopsy” found “Abnormal” cells but her doctor and the specialist wanted to be sure so a biopsy was scheduled for last Friday and the results came back.

After talking with the specialist Monika has decided that with her age/lifestyle/etc she was going to go for a double mastectomy and reconstruction using her own fat (I did offer some of mine…. I may have mentioned something about Dolly Parton while doing so. Monika declined however.) Acording to the spcialist this should offer the best chance of it NEVER coming back as well as reducing or elimiating any need for long term follow up.

Trying to get it scheduled for 3 weeks from now.
We are wishing Ted and Monika and the rest of their family the best possible results. Your best wishes are appreciated as well.

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