Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUVs Declare War on Americans

Just about every school day, Rachel Moore said, she would see the teenage girl sitting in a grassy area, waiting to catch a bus after attending summer classes at Harding High School on St. Paul's East Side.  On Thursday, she and other neighbors heard a crash as a driver lost control of his maroon SUV, hit a fire hydrant and a sign, and then drove down an incline, running over and killing the teen near that city bus stop.

Clarisse Grime, 16, of St. Paul, died at the scene.

Police were questioning a 50-year-old man who was driving the vehicle when it crashed about 1 p.m. at E. 3rd and Hazelwood Streets, in front of Harding, just after summer classes let out for the day.

Witnesses told police that the driver of the maroon SUV was speeding east on 3rd when he tried to turn left onto Hazelwood to head north, said Howie Padilla, a St. Paul police spokesman.

"That red truck came zooming east on Third," said Anthony Williams, 16, a Harding student who said he witnessed the accident. He said he was friends with "Clary" Grime, who was waiting with her boyfriend, as they did every day after school. Her boyfriend, Eduardo Vazquez-Torres, 17, was injured and taken to Regions Hospital, where he was treated for noncritical injuries.

The SUV ran over the hydrant, which rolled into the intersection, he said. The vehicle crossed Hazelwood and drove onto the sidewalk on the north side of 3rd Street, where the driver got out -- but the SUV kept going, Williams said.

"He bails his car, and it went down the hill and squashed the girl," Williams said.

The driver went to his SUV and began checking the front of it for damage, Williams said. "He didn't realize he had hit her."

Once the driver realized that he had hit someone, Williams said, "he stood by his car and was holding his head in shock."
What this article, and many others fail to mention is that the driver of the vehicle in an unlicensed, illegal alien name Carlos Viveros-Colorado was driving the SUV.  
Viveros-Colorado is undocumented and in the United States illegally, Miera said, and state records show he has never had a Minnesota driver's license.
So instead, they have to make it sound like the evil SUV did it.  As Patterico says:
But when an illegal immigrant enters this country, and then does something wrong — like, say, killing somebody — the argument from illegal immigration supporters is always the same. They will ask: “Are illegal immigrants more likely than citizens to kill people?”

Here’s my answer.

I don’t care.

They’re not supposed to be here in the first place.

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