Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rule 5 Saturday - Open Your Eyes for Penélope Cruz

The Rule 5 post for this Saturday is Penélope Cruz.  Why?  No good reason, other than the basics: 
  • A. Everybody loves a pretty girl
  • B. All politics (and science) all the time gets boring after a while.
  • C. Sex sells
  • D. You can never go wrong by having a laugh at the expense of feminists 
Pretty girl? Check.  No politics or science? Check.  Sexy? Check.  Pisses off the feminists? Well, we'll see about that. 
Born in Alcobenda, Spain, in 1974, the daughter of a heair dresser and a mechanic, Penélope Cruz Sanchez, to use her full name, started acting at 15.  Judging from her list of credits, she hasn't had a day off since.

The only stupid thing I can see in her history is a three year relationship with Tom Cruise, that I can only ascribe to the fact that their last names sound alike.

That's enough; if I really get into her pictures, I'll be here all day.

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