Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obama Marries ABC

Ooops, sorry, that was supposed to be "Obama Press Secretary Marries ABC Reporter"
A deputy press secretary for Barack Obama's reelection campaign married an ABC reporter over the weekend. The ABC reporter, Matthew Jaffe, "covering the 2012 presidential campaign," according to his biography on the website of ABC News. "For the past year he traveled around the country covering the Republican primary, from the Iowa Straw Poll to the various debates to this year's primaries and caucuses."
I'm sure he will continue his hard hitting, nonpartisan reporting, even at the risk of loss of marital bliss... however:
Jaffe and Hogan appear to have registered for wedding gifts at Bloomingdales and Crate & Barrel. A search of BarackObama.com reveals that the newlyweds have not registered with the Obama campaign, which would have allowed well-wishers to send cash donations to the campaign instead of getting wedding gifts.
 Somebody send them a fondue pot or an electric knife.

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