Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last July Beach Report, 2012

Only one beach report this weekend; with Alex and Kelly staying yesterday morning on their way back from the Left Coast, we didn't get ready until it was way too hot and muggy.
It was a pretty nice morning; a bit of a front last night left us a lot cooler (in the high 70s) and less humid, with a decent NE breeze.  The breeze set up a nice "wave" over the cliffs, and the Ospreys and Eagles were out taking advantage of it.

A young Eagle, in a sort of mottled plumage.  It was all up and down the cliffs all morning  I wasted a lot of pixels trying to get a decent picture of this bird.  This one isn't great, and I stepped all over the brightness and contrast to bring out the pattern.  He might be this years fledgeling.

A family preparing for a jaunt out in their little inflatable boat, equipped with an electric trolling motor.

 And out on the bay.
A woman hunting fossils with a and held strainer.  It looked like it should be a good day, with lots of shell hash exposed, but Georgia and I found very few.
I did find this fossil fish vertebra though, which is pretty rare, so it wasn't a total wash.
Skye was feeling pretty energetic, after a day off from competing with a smaller and more energetic bitch...
 She even managed a run now and then.
An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly in flight.

The probability of Sea Nettles is still 100%.

A Great Blue Heron trying to find a bid to eat on a beach full of people.  Feeling squeezed between us and the oncoming walkers, it flew away a few seconds after this.

By the time we were done with the walk, the beach was starting to get busy.

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