Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birds, Bats, Slow Wind Power Generation in Maryland

Turbines would be slowed to kill fewer endangered bats
Maryland's first industrial-scale wind energy project would be required under a federal plan issued Monday to slow down its turbines at certain times of the year to reduce the number of endangered bats that might be killed by the long, spinning blades.

Exelon Power, which owns and operates the 28-turbine Criterion wind project in Garrett County, also would have to protect one or more bat caves in other states to make up for any federally protected Indiana bats its turbines might harm.

The tiny, insect-eating Indiana bats, which are found across the eastern United States, have been officially listed since 1967 as in danger of disappearing. Biologists say their number has become even more depleted in the past half-century as a result of human disturbance of their caves, pesticide poisoning and a recent disease, white-nose syndrome.
It's kind of ironic that wind power, long touted as one of the great sources of renewable energy, is being cut back due to environmental concerns.  It almost makes you think somebody just doesn't want more energy produced.

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