Sunday, May 8, 2016

US Goes Bonkers Over Bathrooms

I feel as if the world around me is suffering from some undiagnosed, contagious mental illness, and the few of us trying not to contract it are being screamed at for not wanting to suffer, too. Yes, I'm talking about the transgender bathroom hysteria. Let's get this out of the way right now: This is NOT about transgendered people using the restroom of their choice. To my knowledge, they've been doing just that for years and years with no problems. The number of transgendered people is so low that the chances that I've actually been in the bathroom at the same time as one of them are astronomically low.
Chaz Bono
It's not quite as low as all that. The estimate frequency of "transgendered" people in the United States is about 0.3%, If you have 300 people in your circle of friends and acquaintances, it's probable that one is transexual, However, I strongly suspect that they are strongly clustered in the LGBT accepting urban centers, and well away from the less tolerant and more religiously devout rural areas, so your mileage may vary.
But if I was, I had no idea and it doesn't bother me to think that I may have, at some point, shared a bathroom with a transgendered person. That's not why America's mothers and fathers are up in arms. I think most of us feel compassion for people who have issues and who just want to use a bathroom that seems most comfortable to them. I don't hear anyone arguing that a man who lives as a woman should never be able to use a ladies' room, or should be expected to march into the men's room in full makeup.
Tim Curry (not really transgendered,
he just played one in the movie)
I've known exactly one, a person at one of my institutions who started the male to female transition well before the current hubbub and was quite sensitive to the bathroom concerns of the other workers. In the current atmosphere, Dan/Danielle would simply demand the right to pee wherever he/she wanted, feelings of coworkers or the public be damned.
How difficult would it have been to just continue not asking and not telling? The push to now say that all men, regardless of their lifestyle, can just use the ladies' room if they feel like it, and any woman or man who objects is a hate-filled bigot, is a DAMNED MENTAL ILLNESS. It is an illness I will not be subscribing to. Department stores declaring that men can go into any dressing room or bathroom they want to is a damned disaster of Titanic proportions and when the raping, robbing, and murdering commence, the illness will be miraculously cured.
Lucas Silviera
It is not a mental illness. It is a carefully calculated campaign being promoted by the administration through the Justice Department, and the remainder of the liberal media/academic alliance designed to keep the LGBTQRXY . . . movement focused on electing Democrats. With the gay marriage debate all but over, the movement needs a goal, and designated enemies to keep the fight alive. Otherwise, the newly married  middle class and working gays might be susceptible to the economic blandishments of the Republicans, lower taxes, and less regulation on their businesses.
Americans will revolt and start taking matters into their own hands (the inevitable end to this madness). And read this properly, idiots: no one said "transgendered people will start raping and robbing and murdering women." What will happen is rapists, robbers, and murderers will now use these stupid social justice rules as a means to do their favorite activity: preying on women and children. NO ONE is scared of transgendered people.
Jazz Jennings
Exactly. What people (women and parents) are afraid of is the near certainty that nontransgendered sexual predators will find the loosened rules make it easier to prey on women and children. Men really aren't afraid that women are going to break into mens rooms and start ogling.
Further, these stupid new rules are endangering those transgendered people, too. You would think that the transgendered community as a whole would not want to take part in this erasure of barriers. The reason transgendered people want to use the bathroom of their choice is to avoid the opposite sex, am I right? So now, they can't anymore, either! Now, a transgendered woman may have to get undressed in front of a Joe Sixpack who wants to take photos on his phone to upload to some porn channel somewhere. Great. Now we all suffer. . . 
Buck Angel
I have a modest proposal for the Republican Congress, that should immediately throw some light on the issue. They should propose to immediately (like tomorrow), order that the Federal Government make all Federal Government bathrooms immediately available to all.  As single Senator and Congressman could propose it, and how could any modern Democrat oppose it? Enough Republicans could go along, and voila! the feds would be suffering under the same rules that they are trying to force on everyone else.

I know the Federal bureaucracy is largely run by little old ladies, and I'm sure they'll be thrilled to death with the new rules.

And if it works out the way I expect, maybe Republicans in blue states could start introducing similar legislation.

Late Night With Rule 5 Monday done come on Tuesday (our time) at The Other McCain, thanks to Wombat-sochos participation as a delegate to the Nevada State GOP convention in Reno.

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