Monday, May 2, 2016

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A reminder on the Clinton email scandal from the Washington Times, Clinton emails ‘far more egregious’ than data breach that has Marine officer facing dismissal
A Marine officer fighting dismissal for mishandling classified material on his computer has filed a complaint in federal court. He charges that Marine generals unfairly singled him out, citing statistics that show Marines often wrongly stored classified information and went unpunished.
. . .
Charles Gittins, a former Marine and criminal defense attorney, said Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling “was a far more egregious violation of law.”

“Maj. Brezler violated regulations by maintaining classified information on a personal laptop computer,” said Mr. Gittins, who is not involved in the case. “My personal opinion is that his was a minor infraction that resulted from combat conditions that didn’t allow access to classified systems.

“Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, as secretary of state, had access to all of the systems meant to protect classified information, and she and her staff knowingly stored secret and top-secret information on an unsecured server.”
Seems pretty clear cut to me. But at the Financial Times, Hillary Clinton private email server problems split opinions (yes, it's paywalled, but if you don't know how to beat that, your internet privileges need to be revoked), see's democrats making the case that if DOJ doesn't do something soon, they shouldn't:
Charlie Cook, the political commentator and publisher of the Cook Political Report, the online political newsletter, said while he once believed there was a significant chance either Mrs Clinton or an aide might be indicted, he now thought that likelihood had significantly decreased, especially as the general election grew closer.

“What does the FBI know that they didn’t know 90 days ago?” he asked. “At some point it becomes interference in the democratic process.”
We always knew the name of the administration game was delay.  Bill Clinton think the Investigation Into Hillary’s Private Email Server Is ‘A Game’. Kind of like the games of pin the cigar to the vagina he used to play in the oval office, the object of which was to get away with as much as possible with a minimum of repercussions.

Native American's (or at least the SJW subset among them), took umbrage at Hillary's ‘off the reservation’ remark about men. She should have pulled a card from Liz Warren's deck, and claimed to be 1/16 Iroquois or something. Then she claimed to want to have a cabinet half full of women.  I guess it's OK; there's more room in a cabinet that in a binder. Yes, I stole the joke from Stephen Green, but it was low hanging fruit.

Hillary has decided she's had enough farting around with Bernie Sanders, and is shifting staff to general election swing states.
Mo Elleithee, a campaign official during her 2008 White House bid, said Sanders has earned the right to stay in the race. “But Hillary Clinton has earned the right to start campaigning as the nominee,” he said. “And it’s actually more than a right, it’s an obligation at this point,” he said.

“There’s no point in playing coy anymore,” said Elleithee, who is now unaffiliated with the campaign and heads Georgetown's Institute of  Politics and Public Service. “The general election is still going to be a challenge, and they need to be out there and organizing.”
The good news is that they're worried about something.

Is Hillary running as the first black woman for president?

I want you to know that I get it and I see it. And it’s important that we have this conversation. For many white Americans, it’s tempting to believe that systemic racism is largely behind us. But anyone asking for your vote has a responsibility to see things as they actually are, not as we wish them to be.”
This is clearly a concerted attempt to revers recent headlines that made Hillary Clinton appear to be on the wrong side of American black activists. Over the course of the last several months, the Clinton campaign has gotten along with the #BlackLivesMatter movement about as harmoniously as Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan these days . . .

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