Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Day 2021 Beach Report - Blow Out Tide

Yesterday's high NW winds (Cove Point recorded gusts to 50 kts) left us with a blow out tide this afternoon, over a foot below the predicted "astronomical" tides. You could almost walk on the sand out to the end of the jetty

A Carcharhinus shark tooth exposed by the wind. Despite the low tide, we didn't find many, 13 or so.
But Georgia made the find of the day, with this Drum jaw, we think, with at least one tooth left in its socket. Another is in a socket, but sideways.
The jury is still out as to whether this is a fossil, or a modern jaw that got stuck in sediment long enough to pick up color (in the fish, they're white), but the structure of this thing is interesting. On the side where it's broken you can see teeth that have either not yet erupted or have been swallowed by the jaw bone (the former, I think). Also, note the range of size of the tooth sockets in a single jaw.
Victorious again, Georgia and Skye head home.

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