Monday, May 3, 2021

Election 2020: Inauguration Rioters Paid $1.6 Million

Quite a big collection for a Monday. Starting with Politco wishcasting that Giuliani’s Legal Trouble Is Trump’s Too  "To save himself, the president’s former lawyer might have to spill damning secrets. Clarice Feldman at Am Think  thinks about The Never-ending Hunt for a Trump Crime. " Miranda Devine at NYPo, Feds hound the man who saved city. Saved it from Democrats, and therein lies his original sin.  Brad Slager at Red State notices how The Giuliani Walk Back Gets Worse and Exposes Collusion in Mainstream Press. Scott Johnson at Power Line ponders The Giuliani corrections. The whole Giuliani affair at this point strikes me as very much like the Fusion GPS lead attack on President Trump, orchestrated by Democrat politicians, who ran it into and out of the media, with collusion from the intelligence/law enforcement community as the legal muscle arm. As Christopher Roach notes at Am Great, The Deep State is Back. It never really left. Like a Snapping Turtle, it pulled it's head as far back into it's shell as it could, while threatening to bite anyone who came close. But it can act more freely now, with President* Biden. Sarah Hoyt at Insty, IT’S TIME TO DISBAND ALL THESE AGENCIES. IF WE MUST HAVE THEM, MAKE THEM STRICTLY LIMITED: The FBI’s war on the right (NewNeo).  "But it’s okay. Anything I don’t want them to see is in a partition labelled “Hunter Biden’s laptop.” It works like magic."

And onward, to the Maricopa County vote audit. Sundance at CTH hosts Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Providing the Weekend Update on Maricopa County Ballot Audit. Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Maricopa County 2020 election auditor seeks emergency conference over release of security information and Kaelen Deese at WaEx, Maricopa County 2020 election audit expanding as liaison says 'no deadline'. Twitchy, Here’s the latest with the ongoing audit of votes in Maricopa County, AZ. Joh O'Connor at Am Think thinks Media hysteria means Arizona election audit may be on to something.

Insty, WHICH IS WHY THEY’RE DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO STOP FAIR ELECTIONS FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN: Voters Advance 2 Republicans, No Democrats in Texas Special Election Runoff Race. Sundance, Trump Was Wright – Trump Endorsed Candidate for Texas CD-06 Wins Special Election – Seat will Stay Republican, Race Now Goes To Runoff  WaPoo whines Florida Republicans rushed to curb mail voting after Trump’s attacks on the practice. Now some fear it could lower GOP turnout. Just who is that "some" who always say exactly what the WaPoo wants them to say?

On the front page of the WaPoo opinion section (the whole paper), Election falsehood now a GOP loyalty test. Assumes facts not in evidence. And some good news from Breitbart, Democrats Burned Through $1.4 Million in Legal Fees During Attempts to Overturn Iowa Election, but I'm guessing most of it went to Democrats anyway. Yep, Perkins Coie. 

'Fuzzy Slippers' (I'm pretty sure that's a pseudonym) at LI on Alaska Couple Raided By FBI Because They Attended Trump January 6th Rally. It makes you really wonder about all the facial recognition software that the claim to use. Natalia Mittlestadt at JTN, Bias obscures 'excessive force' in Jan. 6 shooting death of Ashli Babbit, says family's lawyer ""If this case happened out in Minneapolis or some other place, and it wasn't politically charged," most would see "an obvious case of excessive force," said attorney for slain vet's husband."
In a statement, the officer's attorney insisted his client's "bravery was nothing short of heroic and by shooting and killing Babbitt, he saved the lives of countless members of Congress and the rioters. The nation owes him a debt of gratitude."
Then why won't you let us know the name of this "hero"?

Meanwhile, from Mike LeChance at LI, Rioters at Trump’s 2017 Inauguration Getting $1.6 Million Settlement From DC Over Their Arrests 
Federal authorities are still hunting down Trump supporters over January 6th, and many of the people that have already been arrested are being held in solitary confinement.

But the leftists who rioted at Trump’s inauguration are getting paid.

This is from ABC News:
Washington to pay $1.6M to settle lawsuits after protests at Trump’s 2017 inauguration

The city of Washington has reached a $1.6 million settlement in two lawsuits that included allegations of arrests without cause and excessive force on protestors during the inauguration of former President Donald Trump in January 2017.

The two lawsuits were brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of the District of Columbia and attorney Jefferey Light, on behalf of protesters.
I'm gonna hazard a guess that the ACLU isn't going to go to bat for the Jan. 6 rioters. 

Da Hill reports GOP frustration with Liz Cheney 'at a boiling point', and Breitbart, Report: House Republican Leaders Mull Liz Cheney Ouster. She's entitled to her opinions. We're entitled to act on them. The same for Pierre Delecto, The Morning Briefing: Trump-Hating Romney Wing of GOP Is Learning It's Not Popular in response to numerous reports that Romney was booed at the Utah state GOP convention.

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