Friday, April 14, 2017

Wrestling Star Wins Apology From Airport

'I have never felt this violated in my entire life': WWE Diva Lana claims 'inappropriate' TSA agents groped her at Boston airport
WWE Diva Lana took claimed she was 'violated' by the Transportation Security Administration during.

The wrestling star, whose real name is CJ Perry, claimed during a Twitter rant that TSA agents at Boston's Logan Airport were 'inappropriate' when she went through routine pre-flight checks.

She now claims to have got the police involved in the incident, ans has prompted an apology from the airport.

In the first tweet, she wrote: 'The most inappropriate behavior @BostonLogan TSA is doing to me. I have never felt this violated in my entire life.'

Officials at the the international airport apologized, and Perry later tweeted that a police officer had helped resolve the issue.

Lana tweeted about the 'inappropriate behavior' from the airport on Wednesday morning.

Logan Airport apologized for 'the poor treatment' and directed her to file a report with the TSA.

Several fans expressed their concern and asked her for more details, but the SmackDown wrestler stayed mum.
Hours later, Lana wrote: 'I want to thank the American Police officer this am that helped resolve what I was put through today with TSA. Thank you.'
She should have put him in a headlock. TSA delenda est.

Wombat-socho finally gets around to the long awaited "Rule Five Wednesday: Double-Dip Easter Edition."

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