Friday, April 21, 2017

Foggy at the Beach

We arrived at the beach just as the fog got started. Warm humid air was blowing over the chilly waters (now getting near 60 F).
A small shark's tooth (maybe a Lemon Shark?) as spotted in the wrack line.
 A very tiny Snaggletooth out in the open.
 The fog kept getting thicker
I found this one just before the bay reclaimed it. All in all we collected 11 teeth, none of which will earn a place on the top shelf.
 Skye finagles a free pet.
A Green Heron hanging out at the marina. There was a pair that hung out there most of last summer. Maybe they're back.
And finally, a Pearl Crescent butterfly in the roadside weeds on the way home. New for the year.

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