Tuesday, April 11, 2017

They're Back!

Back from Winter vacation, the local Ospreys are back fishing off our beach. Tradition has it that Ospreys arrive back in Maryland around St. Patrick'd Day, but my experience is that our local population tends to arrive 2-3 weeks later. Two were hunting in the shallows when I went down to the beach yesterday
Remarkably clear water. Water clarity is usually pretty good in spring and fall, and a little marginal in summer as the algae blooms get cooking.
Eastern Tiger Swallowtails are starting to be seen around the garden, and puddling on the beach.
But the last winter ducks are still lingering, as these Buffleheads show.
 High tides make for not much fossil action, but I did find this Cow Shark tooth. They're fairly rare here.
Also unusual, this beach glass, in sea foam blue, a piece that was either highly ornate to begin with, or melted in a fire before
Warmer weather is starting to bring out more walkers.
From today, a small, but well preserved Snaggletooth Shark symphysial tooth laying where I spotted it.
 Flag Harbor from the back.
A very bright maple tree on the way home.

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