Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fishing Report 4/29/17

The big day came at last, time for Trevor's late Spring charter trip with Walleye Pete. Trevor, his buddy Kenny, Tom, and Ski met at 5:30 in Solomons. By sunrise, we were fishing "Location X"
Tom got the big fish of the day in the rips at "Location X," this 32 inch Striped Bass, three inches below the legal limit for this years "Trophy Season", so after a quick photoshoot, back it went.
 A rising west wind sent us scurrying for quieter water, in this case, a long way south in the Honga River, where we fished points and other structure down to South Marsh Island.
 Pete at the helm. Note the shirt. It was warm, and mostly overcast today, both of which make the fishing better.
Just one of many places we stopped to fish. We caught fish at most places we stopped, usually a few each, until the bite slowed. Pete kept track of fish with a "clicker"
Trevor with a typical "skinny water" fish. High teens to low 20 inches were typical, a few larger. We had one unfortunate moment when both Ski and Kenny caught bigger fish, and they crossed lines, and we lost Ski's as a result.
Trevor caught the rare fish of the day, this Speckled Trout, the 5th that has been caught by Pete's crews since this season started.

According to the clicker we caught a total of 179 fish. and the GPS showed a total of 97 miles

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