Tuesday, April 25, 2017

There's Something About Those Names - Part II

MD DNR seize hundreds of Illegal Striped Bass
Continued enforcement at Fishing Creek Bridge in Dorchester County and the Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park in Talbot County this week resulted in 24 people receiving citations and 213 striped bass being seized.

On Sunday just after midnight, officers seized 83 striped bass from a vehicle leaving Fishing Creek Bridge and charged four men.
Striped Bass Regulations for March 1
through 3rd Friday in April
The area of the Bay where the Fishing Creek Bridge is located is currently closed to Striped Bass fishing to protect the spawning stocks, many of which are passing through the area this time of year.
Julio Mauricio Baquedano Moran, 22, of Greensboro, North Carolina; Luis Galeano Baquedano, 18, of Silver Spring; Samuel Nolasco Pacheco, 33, of Lanham; and Javier Reyes, 33, of Mount Ranier, were each charged with possessing undersized striped bass, possessing striped bass in a prohibited area, a possessing fish over the limit and possessing striped bass outside the legal time. Each charge carries a maximum fine of $1,500.

At about the same time, another vehicle was stopped leaving the bridge with 12 striped bass inside and the three occupants were charged with three fishing violations each: Ivan Alexis Interiano Gladamez, 21, of Germantown and Natividad Interiano Gladamez, 44 and Hermilo Sanchez Bentra, 24, both of Gaithersburg.

On Monday at about 3:30 a.m., officers stopped a vehicle leaving the bridge and found numerous fish in a cooler. The driver was instructed to pull off at a safer area so that citations could be written. As the vehicle drove to the area, someone began throwing fish from the passenger-side window.
Striped Bass Regulations for 3rd
Saturday in April through May 3
That would have been a sight to see.
Manuel Barahona Cruz, 33, of Temple Hill and Angie Campos Avila, 31, of Alexandria, Virginia, were each charged with possessing undersized striped bass, possessing striped bass in a prohibited area, a possessing fish over the limit. Cruz also was charged with possessing striped bass outside the legal hours.

Twenty-three striped bass were seized from a second vehicle containing Moises DeJesus Majano Canales, 36 and Maria Yohana Barahona Cruz, 34, both of Oxon Hill. Canales received four citations for illegal fishing and Cruz received three.

About the same time, officers charged five men and seized 62 striped bass as they left the bridge. Daniel Escobar Alvarado, 33, Ana Cuellar Jimenez, 42, Genesis Ivania Cuellar, 22 and Jose Roberto Medrano, 20 and John Bradak Medrano Canales, 27, of Temple Hill, each received four citations.

On Saturday night just before midnight, officers stopped a vehicle with five Silver Spring passengers and found 26 striped bass inside. Hector Samuel Martenez Carpio, 37, Esvin Leonel Najera Bueco, 22, Edinson Leonel Bueco Luch, 22, Ferdy Misael Bueco Luch, 24 and Raul Antonio Bueco Berganza, 28, each received three citations for illegal fishing.

All 21 defendants are scheduled to appear in Dorchester County District Court July 19. The maximum fine for each charge is $1,500.
This is the second time recently that large numbers of illegally caught Striped Bass have been found in the possession of a contingent of people with Hispanic surnames in the same area. Clearly the site has become quite well known as a good place to poach rockfish.

I don't know how many of them are US citizens, or even legal immigrants, but it's clear they come from a culture that doesn't value it's resources, or particularly respect the laws of this country. If they're illegal aliens or even green card holders they should face deportation. But how many of them do you think will actually show up for trial?

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