Monday, April 24, 2017

Good For Him!

Alexandria waterfront from the Potomac River
McAuliffe signs bill forcing faster replacement of Alexandria sewers
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed a controversial bill Friday that forces Alexandria to move faster than it planned to replace Old Town’s 200-year-old combined sewers, which dump runoff and sewage into the Potomac River after rainstorms.

The statute, pushed by lawmakers from several downstream districts, demands that the city replace the sewers at all four of its overflow sites by 2025.

Alexandria had planned to address the three outfalls that flow into Hunting Creek first, leaving work on the biggest outlet, at Oronoco Bay, until the mid-2030s or later.

But environmentalists, local residents and some legislators raised an outcry, arguing that the city should move faster on what is expected to be an expensive and disruptive project, with local tax and fee increases set to rise later this year to help pay for it.

One legislator wanted to penalize Alexandria by stripping all state funding from the city if it didn’t replace the sewers by 2021.
I'm really tired of governments refusing to do their share of clean up, on the grounds that they can't afford it, an excuse government rarely accepts from individuals or business.

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