Sunday, April 16, 2017

Up Near Pittsburgh

You might have noticed slow blogging since yesterday. We had to make a quick trip to the Pittsburgh area, and this morning we stopped in with #2 son, Alex, his wife Kelly and son Graham (and their little dog Hendrix, too).
We went to visit a new pre-owned house they are buying, and afterward stopped at a local park. Trout season must be in full swing, as there were several people drifting bait down the little creek.
 An interesting piece of the landscape, with an old date. This drainage tunnel was completed during WW I.
Not having any fishing tackle (or a Pennsylvania license) at hand, I had to settle for a butterfly picture, an Eastern Swallowtail puddling in the gravel bed of the trail.
Graham got his first try in a swing.
Nope, not ready for that yet. But he did have a ball on the small slides (sorry, no pictures; I was employed as the mechanical lift).
We stopped for lunch at that Pennsylvania staple, Eat'nPark, conveniently open on Easter.
Then back to the old townhouse. Graham had some fun feeling Skye's soft ears. Skye was in heaven.

We should be back on home base late tomorrow,

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