Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beach Report, Sunday 04/02/17

 I gave in to Skye right after lunch and we walked down to the beach, and then well up past Matoaka Cottages. Sunny, with mild NE winds, with temperatures rising from the high 40s to the low 50s. A pretty nice day.
The picture makes the beach look empty, but there were several groups of people, and Skye made sure she got her fair share of attention. I found 10 shark's teeth, but nothing of note.
On the way back, I spotted this Falcate Orangetip butterfly in the roadside weeds. This butterfly only appears for a few weeks in spring, before most of the other butterflies (My 2017 year's count is 6 species). It's easily mistaken for that weed among butterflies, the Cabbage White, which is also out now, but it's a hair smaller and flies a little differently. Only the males have the orange tips that give it the name, but both sexes have the black scallop markings on the wings, and a marbled pattern underneath.
As much as the zoom on the old beach camera would get.

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