Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Professors Behaving Badly

Report: Police Investigating Eric Clanton in Berkeley ‘Anti-Fascist’ Attack
Last week, Diablo Valley College instructor Eric Clanton was accused of being the masked anarchist who used a heavy bicycle lock to smash the head of a Trump supporter at an April 15 Berkeley rally.

Now the Golden Gate Xpress, a student newspaper at San Francisco State University, has confirmed that Berkeley police are investigating Clanton, and the interim president of Diablo Community College has issued an email statement: “The adjunct faculty member that has been alleged to have committed this crime is NOT currently teaching at DVC.”

An editorial in the Diablo Valley College student newspaper complains:
National news networks from all the way from Florida to New York were calling DVC offices for an explanation or a confirmation of the internet witch-hunting allegations. . . .
4chan is notorious for their past as internet renegades who pride themselves as witch-hunting investigators hunting through the internet looking for clue to unravel internet anonymity. . . .
However, this style of investigating in the open also removes the private and personal aspect to an investigation.
What if the person being targeted had nothing to do with this event? Their reputation has been tarnished without any due process.
What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Instead, one is guilty until proven innocent.
When did the Left suddenly discover this concern for due process? Too bad leftists weren’t worried about due process when feminist witch-hunters were destroying male students in what K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor have called The Campus Rape Frenzy. Oh, but the Obama administration and Democrats approved of denying students due process in those cases, whereas in the case of masked thugs committing violence against Trump supporters, Democrats find themselves on the other side of the “due process” argument. The inconsistency of the Left in such matters exposes the crude partisanship of their politics, which is based on a blind hatred of Republicans, and which justifies any means of advancing the Democrat Party agenda. One can defend due process (and abhor vigilantism) while at the same time recognizing that citizens attempting to identify a masked criminal are on the side of truth and justice . . .
If true, he's certainly unfit to teach students, except maybe in California. If he's lucky he won't be the person who brings a bicycle chain to a gun fight.

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