Sunday, April 2, 2017


I was getting ready to take a solo run out to "Location X" for some late afternoon fishing when I ran into Dan and Jerry and Gracie (Dan's little dog) getting ready to go on Dan's 28 ft Albin diesel. I wangled an invitation, and avoided spending my own gas money. We fished a while with only a couple fish before the DNR fish cops came along side to check licenses and safety equipment.
A three person team, of two men and a woman checked the stuff, and politely asked about the fishing. Dan had all his stuff where he could get to it easily, so it didn't take much longer than 5 minutes.
A strange boat passing up the Bay. Checking when I got home reveals it to be the Pacific Guardian, a cable ship:

Ship Type: Special Craft
Length × Breadth: 115.6 X 18.04
Speed recorded (Max / Average)15.20 / 12.10 knots
Flag: United Kingdom (GB)

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