Sunday, December 13, 2015

Can the Redskins Skin the Bears?

The 5-7 Redskins take on the 5-7 Chicago Bears at 1:00 PM at Soldier Field in Chicago. I'd say the Redskins have an even chance, except that they've sucked on the road.

Curiously the Bears  are one of the few (6) NFL teams without a cheerleading squad (although they had one a few years ago, the Honey Bears.

Washington receives the kickoff at the 20. Reed picks up the first first down on a Cousins pass. Then Cousins sacked  for a couple. A 17 yard pass play to Ross gets them another first down. Cousins runs for 9. Hey, not so bad so far. Morris makes the first and then some. Pass to Reed for seven. Morris doesn't get anything. Third and 3, Morris makes it on the ground, inside the Bears' 20 yard line. Cousins to Reed just short of the goal line, and Reed fights his way to stiff arm to ball across the goal line. Under review. Called back to the 1 foot line. Morris makes the TD on a pileup. Confirmed, kick is good; 7-0 Redskins.

Not much new on the Redskins name controversy, just a high school team in Oklahoma bucking the PC/SJW movement and retaining the Redskins moniker: 'Redskin' Name Stays at McLoud

McLoud High School officials have voted to keep the school's Redskins mascot over protests by residents who say the name is harmful and offensive.
The Oklahoman newspaper reports the board voted 3-0 to keep the name. A fourth board member didn't vote, saying she felt the issue should be decided by an election.

Supporters say the Redskins name is a source of pride, but protesters contend the mascot is akin to other racial slurs considered obscene or hurtful in modern-day society.

Last year, the Oklahoma City Public Schools board of education voted to remove the Redskins nickname from Capitol Hill High School, ending an 88-year tradition.

Chicago runs the kickoff out to the 28 yard line.

Bears get a first down, then Cutler sacked back to the 34. Offensive holding costs them 10 yards. Bears forced to punt.

Redskins recover at the 7 ish, Carrier hurt on the next play and helped off. Third and one. Cousins sneak  works, first and 10 at the 18. Then another first down, out to the 31. Cousins pass long, pass interference on the defense, out to the Bears 37. Then Reed catches another long pass for a first down. End of the first quarter. Reed down to the Bears 4 yard line. Cousins walks it in for a TD. Kick is good, 14-0 Redskins.

Bears commit holding on the kick off return, and wind up back that their own 7. Bears do get a first down out to the 21. Bears lose a couple. Third and 11, Bears get that first down, and then another, out to the 46. Third and eight.  Jeffrey catches the pass, first down at the Redskins 39. Bears fumble, Redskins recover at their own 49.

Redskins lose a couple and commit holding, back to their 39, first and 20. Gain 12 on a catch by Thomas. Cousins sacked, and the Redskins are forced to punt. Out of bounds not too far back.

Bears from the 23? Offsides gives them a first down, then catch by Zach Miller into Redskins territory, 34 yard line. Offensive holding costs them 10 yards, to the 42. Another flag, Pass interference offense, back to the 48. 4th and a bunch, Bears punt through the end zone, Redskins will take it at the 20. Two minute warning. Cousins sacked back at the 12 on third and 11 and punt.

Bears recover at their own 42. Third and 8, pass to Thompson at the Redskins 20. Thirty seconds with 2 time outs. Bears TD pass to Jeffry, flag on Redskins, refused. Kick is good 14-7 Redskins. Half time. Time for a beer break.

The beer of the week is Dominion's Hop Lips IPA:  6% Alcohol by volume, you can get away with drinking almost twice as many as their 10% Candi Belgian Triple. Hop Lips is kind of sweet for an IPA in my opinion, but it has a good picture on the bottle, so I'm OK with that.

The Bears start the second half at the 20. Incomplete pass. Forte advances to the 27. Cutler sacked at the 18 by Ryan Kerrigan.

Crowder takes the punt at the 38. On 2nd and 10 a pass to Jordan Reed gets him down to the Bears 32. Matt Jones for a first down on the 20. Jones runs for 8 yards, down to the 12. Jones again, for the first down, just inside the 10. Pass to Jones brings it down to the three. Third and 0.5 yards, time out Redskins. Redskins screw up, and get a delay of game penalty. From the 6 yard line, a pass to Jordan Reed for a TD. Kick is good, Redskins 21-7.

Kick goes through the end zone, Bears start at the 20. Cutler to Mariani for a first down. Jeremy Langford for another 9. Flag. Langford was hit late, called on the Redskins after a scuffle. Pass to Jeffry for a first down at the Redskin's 27 yard line. Pass to Langford down to the Redskins 17, first down. Langford to the 9 yard line. Touchdown pass to Zach Miller, kick is good 21-14, with 3:42 left in the third quarter.

Redskins take the kick at the X yard line, but a hold penalty puts it back to the 9. Cousins throws an interception to Kyle Fuller, at the Redskins 21. Ooof.

Forte down to the 7 for a first down. Forte runs for a touchdown. Kick is good. Tie game 21-21.

Redskins at the 20, Garcon to the 23. First down. Jackson for a catch to the Bears 35, first down. Redskins lose yards. End of the quarter. Still a tied game, 21-21.

Ross catch 4 th down and 4. Hopkins kick from the 47 is good. Redskins are ahead, 24-21.

Bears from the 20. Third and 3. Breeland takes a Redskins helmet to the knee. Bears punt.

Redskins take a fair catch at the 18. Garcon makes a shoestring catch at the 37, first down. Cousins to Jackson at the Bears 46, first down. Morris to the 37, but offensive holding.2nd  and a 15. Garcon to the 40, third and 4.  Incomplete pass. Redskins punt.

Bears take a fair catch at the 7 yard line. Third and 7 yards. Pass to Miller at the 36. Then another to Mariani across the 50 to the 41. Forced to punt and down it back at the 8.
Cousins to Reed at the 19, first down. Jones to the 24. Jones to the 33, first down. Jones to the 37. Incompelete pass. 3d and 6.

Redskins busted play, ball bounces around and lands in Matt Jones arms at the Bears 35. I guess it is better to be lucky than good. Third and 9, pass to Reed, not enough. Redskins to punt.

Punt goes through the end zone and the Bears will start at the 20. False start, first and 15. Jeffry catch to the Redskins 35. Pass to Jeffry in the end zone contested, ball comes free. Robbie Gould 50 yard field goal is no good, right.

1:33 left, Washington working on the ground, keeping to clock going. Jones muscles it across the 50 yard line for a first down, and Redskins kill the clock.

Redskins win, 24-21 go to 6-7 and continue to lead their division.

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