Sunday, December 20, 2015

Can the Redskins Buffalo the Bills?

The 6-7 Redskins take on the 6-7 Buffalo Bills at 1 PM in Landover. I missed the kickoff by two minutes. But so far, there's no score, and Washington is driving towards a goal, near a first down at the Bills 19 yard line. Now down to the 3 for a first down and. . . Cousins pass to Reed for a touchdown. Hopkins kick is good. 7-0 Redskins.

Bills take the ball at the 20, and make a first down on the first play.  Now 3d and 5. Busted play, but Taylor scrambles for 4+. Chains come out, and it's a first down  at the 43.

And now, what's brewing in the SJW quest to rename the Redskins?

A group gathered before Sunday's Chicago Bears game at the museum campus to protest the Washington Redskin's mascot.

A "Change the Name" rally was held near the Field Museum.

Several Native American groups have been pushing the NFL to change the Redskins' team name and mascot.

Yeah, that's the whole article. It doesn't look like anyone cares anymore.

First down by the Bills at the Redskins 47, and then another, lost due to illegal motion. First and 15 ant Redskins 48. Nice drive, but ends with a bad punt. Redskins still on top 7-0, they take over near their 30 with 2:43 in the first quarter.

Redskins out to the Bill 46, first down. Down to the 39. End of quarter.

Jackson takes a pass at the Bills 9 yard line. Then Cousins runs it in on 3d and 9. Kick is good, Redskins up, 14-0
Native Americans Divided as OK HS Votes to Keep Redskins Name
In a 3-0 vote, school board officials in an Oklahoma town voted late last week to keep the high school's Redskins nickname in a move that drew both support and ire from Native Americans.

The Daily Oklahoman reports that the board in McLoud, part of the Oklahoma City Consolidated Metropolitan Area, took the Dec. 10 vote "after more than an hour of intense discussion that left several speakers in tears."
Bills return the kickoff to about their own 18.  Taylor sacked twice in a row. They punt, and the Redskins get the ball back at their own 43 yard line.
"We are very proud of our Redskins, and have never thought of the name being derogatory or insulting," Darlene Halford said during public discussion before the vote, the Oklahoman reports.

The newspaper noted that "[o]thers, mainly those from outside the McLoud community," opposed the nickname. . .
Outside agitators? Whoda thunk?
Reed catches a pass and winds up at the Bills 31 yard line, defensive holding, declined, first down. Garçon makes a catch at the 18, first down. Pass to Reed  in the end zone for a touchdown, kick is good 21-0 Redskins.

Bills collect the ball around the 8 yard line. Kerrigan sacks Taylor at the 4 yard line, and the ball is fumbled, but the Bills recover and punt.
Bills recover the punt on the 42! Taylor runs for a first down at the Redskins 41. Fourth and 6, and the Bills are going for it.Pass to Hopkins, and they make it. Taylor runs for another first down to the 21. Another busted pass, but Taylor makes 7 out of it. Another first down to the 6, and the Taylor is stopped at the 1. Two minute warning. Down to 1 foot. Flags. Defense offsides. 6 inches left. McCoy stopped on 3d and goal.  Another flag, recalled. 1:38 left. Taylor end zone pass fails. Redskins take over at their 2.

Redskins false start. Back to the 1, but Morris runs it out to the 5 on the next play. Morris takes the next play past the 50. 7 more yards, 8 seconds left, and a penalty ends the half. Redskins still ahead 21-0.

What's In A Name: Washington Redskins Controversy - Everyone from the FCC to sports fans to Native Americans to presidential candidates has a view on the Washington NFL team name.

But first a beer break. Nothing new in the fridge, so I settled for a Old Dominion's Hop Lips IPA (6% ABV).
In December of 2014, the Federal Communications Commission denied a petition that asked for the removal of the word “Redskins” from the air. The petition asserted that the Washington NFL team name was obscene and profane.

The agency ruled that the Redskins mascot was neither “obscene” nor “profane.” In order for something to be obscene, it must “depict or describe sexual conduct,” and in order for something to be profane it must “be sexual or excretory in nature,” the agency said.
Kickoff to the Bills goes through the end zone. Bills from their own 20 yard line. Two yards by McCoy. McCoy across the 31 for a first down, but McCoy stays down. Taylor gets lucky to make it back to the line of scrimmage. first down, Gillislee to the 41. Gillislee out to the 44. Taylor to Watkins, 26 yards, to the Washington 31. Williams runs 11 for a first down. Williams for another 7 running yards at the 13 yard line. Pass to the end zone no catch, flag illegal touch offense. third and three. Taylor sacked by some ogre looking dude. Field goal is good. 21-3 Redskins.
Since that hasn’t quelled the controversy over the team’s name, one might assume that the FCC would have been inundated with complaints on the subject.

Quite the contrary. Between 2013 and 2014, only 72 complaints were lodged with federal regulators that referenced the Washington team name.
Ross runs the kick from the 5 to the 23. McCoy out for a bad knee. Cousins pass to Reed, caught near the 45 and run in for a touchdown. Kick is good. 28-3 Redskins.
Ninety-six percent of those complaints asked for the FCC to remove the word “Redskins” from the air.

The 72 complaints came from 63 different people in 28 states and the District of Columbia, and all of the complaints were filed electronically.
Bills from the 20. Taylor scrambles for 9. First down by Gillislee. Watkins for 9 to the 39. Long pass to Hogan, dropped. Gillislee 60 yards for a touchdown. Georgia called it the beginning of the end. She's not exactly an optimist. Kick is good. 28-10 Redskins.
The FCC declined to comment on the controversy. “The FCC reviews all complaints received and determines next steps. However, we do not comment on potential or pending investigations,” said agency spokeswoman Kim Hart.

The Capital News Service obtained the complaints from the FCC through a Freedom of Information Act request. The complaints vary in nature, ranging from thoughtful to pleading, and everything in between (names were redacted for privacy reasons):
Redskins at the 18 yard line after the kick. Cousins to Jackson at the 24.  Morris for the first down. Pass to Crowder for no gain. Incomplete pass. Throw away pass due to pressure.  Punt to the 25, flag, illegal block in the back, puts it back to the 15. O'Leary with long run, but maybe out of bounds early, Redskins challenge. Challenge denied. 37 yard run, to the 52. 48 yard pass to Watkins in the endzone, caught, Bills touchdown, kick is good. 28-17 Redskins.
  • “Please, only you have the ability to cease and desist the use of this hateful word from broadcasts,” - San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 28, 2014
  • “Our young children are exposed to this word splashed on everything from door mats to banners proclaiming the name proudly. This word is derogatory and insulting and many people think so. It is time to stop letting them use this word,” - Irving, Texas, May 5, 2014.
Redskins from the 20. Long pass to Jackson, no catch. Pass to Crowder for 9. Morris up the middle for a first down. Cousins sacked back at the 21. Back to the 26. Pass to Garçon for a first diwn. End of the third quarter. Morris for not much.  Pass to Crowder to the 40 for a first down. Jones from the backfield for a first, plus draws a face mask, Redskins at the 12. Hands to the face defense, 4 + half the distance to the 5 yard line, First down, of course. Redskins call time out before a delay of game call. Garçon catches the touchdown pass, kick is good 35-17 Redskins.
  • “Not only am I grossly offended you allow a team to broadcast a racial slur as their name, I am also offended that you have let it occur for this long,” - Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 29, 2013.
  • “Make a stand against the offensive racist themes in sports. There is a conspiracy/willful ignorance/blindness/cover-up where many Indigenous North American issues are concerned,” - Bayport, Minn., Dec. 8, 2013.
  • “This slur should not be uttered, repeated on the airwaves irrespective of whether or when the Washington (National Football League) franchise changes its name, mascot,” - Houston, Texas, Dec. 8, 2013 . . .
Bills from their 20. First down to the 36. Pass to Woods to the Redskins 47 for another. Incomplete pass, flag, offensive holding, back to their 43. Third and 19. Pass to Hogan, fourth and 7. They go for it and incomplete pass.

Redskins take over at the 44. Morris gets a few, Then Morris a few more to midfield. 4th and 1. Redskins punt. Thigpen takes a fair catch at the 10. Taylor sacked on the third down, 4th and long, Punt to the Redskins 40, fair catch by Crowder.

Short plays by the Redskins, third and 4.  Jones stopped behind the line of scrimmage, Redskins punt, goes into the end zone for a touch back. Bills at the 20 yard line.
Woods to the 28. Williams to the 44 first down. Redskins killing the clock. Dixon for a first down. 2:30 left. Taylor down into 34 in Redskins territory, 2 minute warning. Touchdown pass to Sammy Watkins, kick is good. Flag before kick. 12 Redskins on the field. Half the distance. Bill will try for 2 points, and Taylor makes it by a hair. 35-25 Redskins with about a minute left.

Onside kick recovered by Garcon at the Bills' 48. And the Redskins run out the clock and go to 7 and 7 on the year. Bills are out.

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: The Week Between" ready at The Other McCain.

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