Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Beach Report, 12/27/15

Skye II insisted that we do something, anything with her this morning, so we decided to go for beach walk. The insanely warm winter weather persists; our deck thermometer shows 70, although the NOAA site shows 62 at Cove Point over the water. The wind is strong at 15 knots SW, though, so we only feel the wind blowing off the land.
We're not having rain, for a change, but the clouds to the north look threatening.
While the sky to the south looks pretty clear.
 A good day to sail.
 One brave girl was even out paddle boarding. At 50 F, falling off would be no fun at all.

Well, was it good for you?

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  1. Very true Reverb- shapers making very uninspired iterations of the fish