Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Roll Over!

One of the things about rescuing a dog is that you don't really know what it has been taught. Skye II clearly knew some simple commands, sit, down,  stay (sort of; short attention span) and come (if it suits her). But the other day Georgia was practicing sit and down, and she made a gesture with her hands, and Skye II did a complete roll over:

It's pretty clear the gesture is more important than the words, which brings us to the question of what else she might know that we aren't aware of. There are hints of other tricks that come out at times (sit up and beg, maybe), but we don't quite know how to trigger them. She must think we're a little stupid.

Anyway, after that we took her to the beach for a short walk:

The weather is uncannily warm for mid December, hitting almost 70 yesterday, and into the 60s today. We had a strong north wind today, and it's bringing in slightly cooler weather and has good wave action at the beach, even though it's calmed down some.

The waves had piled sand on the Calvert Beach boat ramp, and one of the local landscapers was scraping it back off for people who want to launch their boats.

The birds were working over fish a little ways offshore. They were moving north fast. I console myself with the thought that they were small fish. . .
Skye II trying to look noble.

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