Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Beach Report, 12/20/15

 We yielded to Skye II's demands for a walk late this morning, and decided on the beach. It froze last night (at least according to the bird watering dish), and was only up to around 40 by the time we got around to going.
The wind wasn't too bad, about 5 from the north, but the water was on the edge of choppy from previous winds. A ship sails motors down the bay, it's waterline bent and reflected by a mirage.
Georgia searches for fossils while tethered to the beast, who thinks slowing down for anything but sniffing is sacrilege. Georgia found three teeth, two of them pretty nice if not giant.
Skye looks for a way to pull us through the log jam at the end of the walk. We resisted.

There was a raft of Buffies hanging out just off Calvert Beach, closer than they usually hang out.

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