Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The First and Last 100 Days of the Next Clinton Presidency?

Smitty at The Other McCain outlines a scenario by which Hillary will win the election, only to resign in the first year, to be replaced by a VP of Barack Obama's choice: This Blog Gives Her Majesty 90 Days In Office #HillaryClintonHealthConspiracies

Let me lay out a few thoughts.

Her Majesty and BHO are bound by Benghazi, though 13 Hours might change that situation.
  1. BHO is concerned about his “legacy” (I’ll wait while you vomit).
  2. Her Majesty only really cares about being sworn in as POTUS. Past the pomp & circumstance, actually carrying out the office could prove a Royal Bore.
  3. She actually has enough health issues to make a full administration problematic.
  • She ran interference for BHO over Benghazi in 2012, when the truth kryptonite would have wilted Superwimp.
  • BHO runs legal interference, stifling any proper Benghazi inquiry for her campaing, with the proviso that she permit him to name the VP (Corey Booker? Deval Patrick), who is really going to be the President anyway.
  • Her majesty enjoys the first 100 days of honeymoon, so that she doesn’t look as bad as William Henry Harrison.
  • Then she retires for medical reasons, securing the Obama legacy.
Like alcoholism, diabetes, head trauma or menopausal "don't give a shits"?
Note that this is a Trump-free conspiracy theory. I still maintain that he is a mercenary, building up a large voter base to sell to whoever is writing the fattest check. If Hillary, he goes independent, or takes the GOP nomination and his speeches start giving it the Full Tarantino until the GOP implodes entirely.
Tin foil hat mask territory? Maybe, but stranger things have happened.

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