Thursday, December 10, 2015

FBI Still on

The FBI’s examination of Clinton’s server, which held her private email account and has drawn intense criticism from Republicans and transparency advocates, has put the FBI in a tight spot.

In response, Comey has repeatedly attempted to shoot down concerns about political motivation in his bureau’s probe and fears that investigators will undermine evidence against Clinton or another Obama administration official.

“I hope the American people know the FBI well enough and the nature and character of this organization,” Comey told the Senate panel on Wednesday.

“As I’ve said many times, we don’t give a rip about politics,” he added. “We care about finding out what is true and doing that in a competent, honest and independent way. I promise you that’s the way we conduct ourselves.”

Conservatives expressed worry in October when Obama said that Clinton had made “a mistake”by using the private email address throughout her time at the State Department but that the behavior did not compromise official secrets.

“I can tell you that this is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered,” Obama told CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

According to reports, Obama’s comments upset some FBI officials, who worried that it amounted to meddling in their investigation.
I have some faith that Comey will try to pursue an honest investigation. I have little faith that Obama will not have spies and agents in the midst of it trying to subvert it, and I have no faith that Loretta Lynch (are we still allowed to use that name?) will pursue a prosecution if the FBI warrants one.

FBI director: Obama’s views “irrelevant” on Hillary e-mail probe:

As we have said all along, it’s only illegal in practical terms if a prosecutor chooses to file charges and take a defendant to trial. That’s out of Comey’s hands, at least formally — but his reputation and position could make a decision not to press charges very, very uncomfortable for Obama and Loretta Lynch. If they assume Comey will be irrelevant, they may be taking a high-risk gamble. Comey may be doing some signaling of his own here.
As found via Wombat-socho's "In the Mail: 12.09.15":  Pantsuit Gangster: Clinton Met with Son of Mob Boss Seeking Father’s Release in Exchange for Votes
Good thing she’s got Trump busy running interference for her or this might get some coverage.
Hillary Clinton met with a Mafia heir who asked for his drug kingpin father to be released early from prison in exchange for votes, it has been revealed.
The former First Lady met Giovanni Gambino, the son of Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and the cousin of Carlo Gambino – the boss of the notorious crime family and one-time head of the American Mafia – while she was campaigning in the the presidential primary in 2007.
The Democratic front runner spoke to the crime author, who recently made headlines for saying he would protect New York from ISIS, at one of his pizzerias in Charleston, South Carolina.
The 41-year-old’s father, who was serving a 30-year prison sentence at the time, suggested he contact Clinton to see if she could help with his early release through a presidential pardon.
In return, Giovanni Gambino would get his ‘connections’ in the restaurant business to vote for her and drum up support.
To be fair, he may not be the biggest crook who openly supports Clinton.

I wonder why: Hillary Clinton Has to Remind Supporters She’s Never Been to Jail

Can some reporter ask Hillary this question about a Benghazi-related email that runs counter to all the spin?

Also found at Wombat-socho's "In the Mail: 12.09.15": Hillary Clinton wasn't on the email list of people informed that DOD had assets ready to attempt a rescue at Benghazi. Doug Powers want's to know why: Can some reporter ask Hillary this question about a Benghazi-related email that runs counter to all the spin?
. . . Hillary Clinton wasn’t on the list of people that email was sent to. It’s possible the DoD’s Jeremy Bash didn’t have Hillary’s email address (not unlike Chris Stevens), so could some intrepid journalist please ask Hillary if any of the above people either forwarded her the email or mentioned such vital information that might have saved lives? It would be interesting to hear what spin has been cooked up by Camp Clinton on the off chance anybody asks her about it.

And no, I don’t expect any “reporter” who’s granted access to Clinton to bring it up. Too many of them are busy competing to be her press secretary to bother with such trivial matters.
Barbara Streisand thinks women reporters are being too harsh on the Hillster.
. . . She ended her speech by calling out how female journalists interview presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. "[I] noticed how snarky they can be. Their tone from the very beginning is antagonistic, judgmental, as if they want to prove how tough and hard-hitting they can be against someone of their own sex," she explained. "Sometimes it feels as if we’re all still back in high school, where the boys learn strategy and teamwork, playing football, and the girls are competing for the quarterback.

"It’s interesting, and I remember this from my childhood: it’s not a great idea to have three little girls play together because usually two of them will gang up on the other one," she continued. "Maybe that’s part of the female collective unconscious. Whatever it is, we have to fight that instinct." . . .
Hillary: All GOP Candidates Really Think Like Trump
"When you take a step back and see what the Republican field as a whole says about Muslims — not just one or two candidates for President, but nearly all of them — it's hard to take seriously their attempts to distance themselves from Mr. Trump. He's just articulating the logical conclusion of what the rest of them have been saying," she said. "That should concern all of us."
Whenever anyone loosely affiliated with the Republican Party says something even remotely objectionable, a great hue and cry arises demanding that ALL Republicans denounce the offensive (real or imagined) statement. If they don't, that becomes the story. If they do, that's not enough.

In the end, none of it matters, because the Democrats can infer motive and the MSM will dutifully and unquestioningly run with it.

Read the whole article linked to at the beginning of this post. Not once is Hillary's asinine assertion questioned.

Disrupting the Democrat narrative is not the press's function here, after all.
If only the other Republican candidates could learn to play on the medias strings the way Trump has.

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