Friday, December 18, 2015

Bureaucrats Award Themselves Money to Fix Bay Farming

When the cities pollute, the federal government comes up with big bucks to fix their sewage and runoff problem. But when the farmers cause pollution they award themselves (or their academic allies) to hold seminars to lecture them how not to pollute. Think I'm kidding?

Federal grant to benefit Frederick County farmers
A federal grant will increase the expansion of a program that assists livestock farmers and reduces agricultural pollution in the region, including Frederick County, according to a news release.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded a $492,000 grant to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It will go toward increasing the grass-fed livestock operations in the watershed, the release states.
That's less than 5 full time academic salaries.
Partners of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation will fund up to $1 million.

Farmers who graze livestock in parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, including Frederick County, will have access to education and technical assistance, such as two-day grazing schools and a regional conference, to create a regional network, according to the release.
But will attendance be mandatory?

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