Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sweating at the Beach, 7/7/12

Another hot, muggy day, well into the lower 80 F when we left for the beach at 7:40 AM, and up to 89 F by the end of our walk.  It was also pretty close to breeze-less so there wasn't even much relief there.
But the Ospreys and their young have to eat even on the hot days, and since they have to mostly supply the eagles too, they don't get a break from the heat. Notice the fish in it's grip.  We also had a bunch of dragonflies again, but not as many as on July 4.
We had the beach pretty much to ourselves. Only a few people were out to enjoy what was likely the best weather of the day.  I might have to visit later today just to see if it gets more use later.
Bait fish, probably Menhaden, schooling in the shallow waters.  No sign that anything was chasing them,
The shallows were busy today, lots of small crabs and small fish scurried away when we walked through.
Blackberries, some ripe, growing amongst the other vines on the cliffs.
OK, that's enough, can we go home to the air conditioning now?

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