Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stay Safe Out There Tonight

I was just bitching complaining to Georgia about a couple of lame safety warnings for fireworks for the July 4 holiday that came down in email from up above.  Such warnings are deeply annoying to me, presupposing that I'm already safe,well mostly, and that the people who aren't won't heed the warnings anyway.

Such notices would be much more effective with a suitable example of things not to do.  The following video would be an excellent teaching aid.  Warning, it's a little NSFW because, well, kids are kind of stupid.

Found at Hot Air.

We'll be going down to the beach tonight to observe the highly illegal and completely independent fireworks display put on spontaneously by some of the more adventurous denizens of the beaches.  Hopefully, nothing like the above will happen.  Pictures later, I hope.

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