Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More on and Coal Country

Back to the Scooby van! Hillary to tour Appalachian coal country after she pledged to 'put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business' The coal country "apology" tour. Hillary Clinton Gets the Business in Coal Country -Protesters greet Democratic front-runner with taunts and insults. Well, she did say she wanted to put them and their employers out of business. And no, No, Hillary did not apologize for bragging about putting coal miners ‘out of business’. She said she was "taken out of context" and it was a "misstatement". Kind of like when Barack Obama was taken out of context for his mistatement "If somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can--it's just that it will bankrupt them". And miraculously, coal companies and going bankrupt, and power plants are shutting down. Can a "misstatement be taken out of context? But will it work? Once a Clinton Stronghold, Appalachia Now Trump Country.

By refusing to claim its success, feminism forfeits its legitimacy. Without legitimacy, feminism can maintain its hold on women only through manipulation, like threatening them with their own special place in hell if they don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is the ultimate fruit of the feminist movement, and if feminism were alive and well, she would be riding high on the support of female voters. But she isn’t. Women don’t like her. We, the beneficiaries of feminist gains, evaluate her character and accomplishments before we do her sex, and she comes up painfully short. Millennials, especially, are wildly unimpressed by her, breaking for Bernie Sanders en masse.
Speaking of equal pay, for almost no work, Chelsea Clinton's speaking fee: $65,000. Unbelievable. What has the girl done other than to be born lucky?

By way of Wombat-socho's "In the Mailbox: 05.03.16", Evi L Blogger Lady offers "Do The Democrats Still Have A Plan B?"

We don't deserve that. Take that either way.

Clinton allies fume over Sanders's vow to fight on. Bernie needs to run third party, like he claims to be. Despite losing yet another primary to the communist, the crook is ‘really focused on moving into the general election’
Clinton also detailed what it would take for her to release the transcripts of paid speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and others, something Sanders has made an issue of. Clinton said she had nothing to hide in them, but that she would only release them if Trump releases as many years of tax returns as she has in addition to the transcripts of his own paid speeches.
If she didn't have something to hide, she'd be putting them out first, and challenging him to. Trump rips Clinton's 'bad judgment'. He has a point there, although I wish it were someone else making it.
Trump signaled last week that he would be using Sanders’s attack lines on Clinton, saying during a television interview, “When he said 'bad judgment' I said, 'sound bite!’ ”

“He said she suffers from bad judgment,” Trump said Monday, referring to Sanders. “It's true.”
. . .
“It's going to be so easy; it's going to be so great,” Trump said, adding “crooked Hillary, bad judgment” and mentioning her use of a private email server as secretary of State.

“It's also criminal, by the way, and a lot of bad things should happen, but we'll find out, we'll find out,” he said. “It's a very criminal act, lot of people have suffered greatly for doing much less.”
Kurt Schlicter offers this hopeful fantasy: Looking Back On How Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton.
Looking back 25 years ago to the election of 2016, it is clear that Clinton’s campaign team was badly mistaken when it thought that the vast middle of American politics would blame the Republicans for the violence outside the convention. Every pinko, commie, and socialist freak with a cause and a Soros subsidy descended upon Cleveland, and the ensuing chaos was supposed to show that Donald Trump brought violence and disorder in his wake. The Democrat lovefest to follow was supposed to provide a stark contrast, with Hillary bringing peace and blessed calm. But Americans didn’t see it that way.

In 1968, the Democrats showed themselves incapable of maintaining order in a Democrat city with a Democrat president. This time, it was a Democrat city and a Democrat president allowing their allies to violently assault their political opponents. “The cops, I love the Cleveland cops, but the mayor, the Democrat mayor of Cleveland, a very bad mayor, is ordering them to stand down,” shouted the nominee during his extemporaneous nomination speech. “Just like Benghazi! What is it with Democrats telling our beautiful military and cops to always stand down? Sad!” Of course, Trump had no evidence of any such order, but it sounded like it might be true and that was enough.
. . .
When Pennsylvania was called for Trump, Hillary was on her second bourbon. When Ohio went red, her consultants ran up to Bill’s suite and pulled him off an eager blonde campaign staffer to have him come downstairs and pry the bottle out of Hillary’s clutches. They hoped to keep her from completely embarrassing herself during her concession speech.

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