Thursday, May 5, 2016

Guccifer Claims He Cracked

Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia laid out the ground rules for interviewing multiple State Department officials about the emails, with an eye toward finishing the depositions in the weeks before the party nominating conventions.

Clinton herself may be forced to answer questions under oath, Sullivan said, though she is not yet being forced to take that step.

“Based on information learned during discovery, the deposition of Mrs. Clinton may be necessary,” Sullivan said in an order on Wednesday. [READ THE ORDER BELOW] Discovery is the formal name for the evidence-gathering process, which includes depositions.

“If plaintiff believes Mrs. Clinton’s testimony is required, it will request permission from the Court at the appropriate time.”
A prediction from Instapundit:
After her stalling for two years, any move to depose Hillary before November will be met with objections that it’s too close to the election.
Judge, meet orphan.

Accused (and admitted) celebrity hacker Guccifer renewed his claims of hacking Hillary:
The Romanian hacker who first exposed Hillary Clinton's private email address is making a bombshell new claim — that he also gained access to the former Secretary of State's "completely unsecured" server.

"It was like an open orchid on the Internet," Marcel Lehel Lazar, who uses the devilish handle Guccifer, told NBC News in an exclusive interview from a prison in Bucharest. "There were hundreds of folders."
. . .
A source with knowledge of the probe into Clinton's email setup told NBC News that with Guccifer in U.S. custody, investigators fully intend to question him about her server.
But I'm sure the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans and the Israelis refrained out of respect. Carl Bernstein, no stranger to scandals, thinks There Will Be ‘Very Damaging’ Leaks From Hillary Email Investigation, Her Actions were Reckless and Entitled. Hillary entitled?

Back to coal country: Let’s be honest, Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about West Virginian coal workers–there’s no political gain for her.
Oh, c’mon, lady. It doesn’t take a genius to see that $30 billion isn’t going to be enough to help these people if that is your intention. Re-sowing the socioeconomic fabric in these towns is going to take time, possibly generations. For some, it’s already too late. If the Democrats win the war on coal, 125,800 jobs will be gutted, with $650 billion in lost economic activity over a ten-year period. Is $30 billion going to be enough to make up for those losses? And this just doesn’t apply to West Virginia, but for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other coal-producing states as well. It’s insulting to think that Clinton’s “hey, sorry I screwed you over” economic package to soon-to-be ex-coal workers will be anything but adequate.
Also, zero electoral votes to be had. Now Ohio and Pennsylvania on the other hand. . .
I’ll close by reiterating another known fact about Clinton–she’s untrustworthy. Again, she promised to deliver the death blow to coal, and now she wants it to be a thriving sector of the U.S. economy. She’s a liar, though I know that’s not news. But her shameless side is on display here–and it’s quite explicit. Don’t be fooled West Virginians – the Clintons couldn’t care less about you.
From Ann Althouse: The loopy optics of Hillary's "Woman Card."
1. Hillary's original response to Trump's pestering her about playing the woman card was "Deal me in!," which refers to playing cards. That's not a playing card, it's a credit card.

2. A credit card is for running up debt, so the most obvious meaning is that women are to blame for the debt . . . and Hillary wants to facilitate this profligacy.

3. That awful international pictogram for woman — so impersonalized, so inane. The main distinguishing feature of a woman isn't the shape of the torso, delicate legs or hands, or long hair, but a skirt. And Hillary never wears a skirt.

4. Skirts... the color pink... I thought we were getting away from these stereotypes — from the stark binary view of the sexes. She's off trend.
Talk about your ethnic stereotypes, Bill Clinton serves fried chicken to black people. I guess watermelons aren't in season.

Presumptive Queen Hillary is calling on her vassals in the media to do her bidding: Hillary Calls on Press to Toughen Up on TrumpObserve the media “blaming themselves for Trump” but not Clinton. Hell, they're gonna make up fairy stories about her and then claim credit! Hillary Clinton says ‘whole world’ wants her to beat Donald Trump. Fortunately the Mexicans, Chinese and Russians don't (yet) get to vote.

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