Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The 10/20/20 Beach Report

We drove down to the beach today, since Skye seemed to have some residual soreness after yesterday's Great Dane attack. The first thing I saw looking out was a huge dark thing beyond the Gas Docks. Using the telephoto to it's greatest power, I'm pretty sure it's another LNG tanker, getting ready to dock (there was already one at the dock).
After a week of not being seen, Whitey was back on one of his favorite groins. I had almost given up hope and assumed he had followed the Ospreys back to Florida. I did see three adult eagles in the sky today. Two of them were not happy about the third.
And speaking of returning to the same fishing grounds . . . 
A gorgeous fall day, temperatures around 70, not much breeze, although it was coming up from the south as we were getting ready to go home. We found 24 shark's teeth, 4 crab claws and 2 drum's teeth, a pretty decent haul.

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