Sunday, October 18, 2020

Beach Report 10/18/20

A cool, slightly breezy day at the beach, with plenty of clouds to the north. That group of people ahead is a professionally fossil collecting group, being escorted by Paul Murdoch, a true fossil maniac, who knows more than just the names of the most common shark's teeth found here.

We did OK, about 15 small teeth, nothing remarkable, but George did get a small Hastalis, and one Tilly bone.

Georgia leading Skye back down to the car. Skye had a great day; lots of people who wanted to pet a real live husky. 
A pretty good day for sailing.
And maybe fishing. A batch of gull working in shallow water near the end of the jetties at Flag Harbor. Usually, fish in that area are small schoolies, and they were moving south fast, which is my excuse for not going back out to chase them.

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