Thursday, October 22, 2020

Beach Report 10/22/20

Georgia had an errand so Skye and I were on our own to get to the beach and back. A pretty October day, mid 60's, with just a touch of humidity

Skye cooling her heels once we got to the beach.
I didn't see Whitey in the harbor as we walk past, and when we first got to the beach, couldn't see him at his common hang out on the posing post. But he was just hanging out behind the rocks.

Up on Matoaka, we had an eagle fly by, and land above us in the trees above the cliff. It was making a lot of noise, but I don't think it was about us.
When we were coming back down the beach, Whitey had moved out away from the rocks and was fishing in the surf.
Not a great day for shark's teeth, only 10 (and a drum's tooth), but this one was good enough to make the day, a Cow Shark, probably Notorynchus cepedianus, the Bluntnose sevengill cow shark. It's missing most of the root, but all of the crown is still intact.
On the way home.

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