Monday, October 19, 2020

10/19/20 Beach Report

A fine Fall day, just shy of 70 F, mostly sunny, with light southeast wind.
The floating Trump advertisement collecting crabs. 

Either the biggest and oddest Drum's tooth we have ever found, or something different (Georgia found it). The white on the back side suggests it might not be very old, since the fossils mostly pick up a dark tinge from the minerals. I sent the photos to the facebook group, maybe somebody knows better than we.
We had something bad happen today. Two little girls (estimate 8 and 10) come down the beach holding the leash of a Great Dane. When she got close the dog literally drug her the remaining distance and attacked Skye. I had to pull them apart, and Skye limped for a while. The little girls apologized, but what are you going to do? You should be strong enough to control your dog.
When we got back to the start of the beach, we found familiar people. 

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