Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Bite of Russiagate and a Major Serving of Bidengate

Let's start with the Russiagate. Bill Barr's DOJ has answered Judge Emmett Sullivan's demand that they pinky swear to the truth of their filings, and now demand that he dismiss the case. Jerry Dunleavy, WaEx, DOJ swears to accuracy of Flynn exhibits and calls on judge to dismiss case immediately
Following an order from the presiding judge, the Justice Department filed declarations swearing to the accuracy of the exhibits it relied upon in a motion to dismiss the case against retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the documents that it provided to his legal team.

The Justice Department also called upon the judge to grant to the dismissal, which he has so far resisted doing, with roughly a week to go before Election Day.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jocelyn Ballantine submitted a 46-page filing on Monday night, assuring the judge that “there have been no material alterations made to any of the 14 Government Exhibits filed in support of the motion to dismiss and the supplement to the motion to dismiss.” DOJ emphasized that it now “declares under penalty of perjury that the Government Exhibits and Discovery Documents are true and correct, are correctly identified, and have been faithfully transcribed.”

Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has fought the Justice Department’s efforts to dismiss the criminal charges against Flynn since May, ordered DOJ to provide sworn declarations "under penalty of perjury" last week after the Justice Department acknowledged that it had inadvertently included sticky notes with estimated dates on handwritten notes from former FBI special agent Peter Strzok and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in documents recently handed over to the Flynn team as part of the discovery process during a deep-dive review by U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen.

Sidney Powell, the lead attorney for Flynn, told the Washington Examiner last week that “DOJ is not the problem here. This is another stall tactic from an impossibly biased judge.” Flynn’s lawyers argued earlier this month that Sullivan’s “increasingly hostile and unprecedented words and deeds in what has become his own prosecution of General Flynn mandate his disqualification.”

Even more people swear under penalty of perjury.  

The Justice Department further said that it “has undertaken a comprehensive review of the documents produced in discovery in this case which were subsequently filed by the defendant as exhibits in support of the defendant’s supplementary filings” and that those documents had been “authenticated” too.

“The government acknowledges its obligation to produce true and accurate copies of documents. The government has fully admitted its administrative error with respect to the failure to remove three reviewer sticky notes containing estimated date notations affixed to three pages of undated notes (two belonging to former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, and one page belonging to former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe) prior to their disclosure,” DOJ said. “These dates were derived from surrounding pages’ dates in order to aid secondary reviewers. These three sticky notes were inadvertently not removed when the relevant documents were scanned by the FBI for production in discovery. The government reiterates, however, that the content of those exhibits was not altered in any way, as confirmed by attorneys for both former FBI employees.”

What's Sullivan's next stall? 

Good news for Joe Biden, Tara Reide will be free to pursue him once he gets into the Oval Office, Capt. Ed, Hot Air VIP, Federal Judge To DoJ: Nice Try, But You Can’t Shield Trump In Defamation Case.

And onto the Biden Family crime syndicate. Lot's here. Sebastian Gorka, AmGreat, It’s Not About the Money or the Prostitutes "It’s about China, stupid." But the money, cocaine and prostitutes make it more interesting. Seamus Bruner and John Solomon at JTN, Hunter Biden's 2017 rant about Burisma: 'I was fighting for the only income I have left'. You might try dry wall.  Ace, Leaked Phone Call: Hunter Biden Says His Business "Partner" is the "F***ing Spy King of China", TNP, EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named As Criminal Case Witness

Hunter Biden – in an audio file labelled “Most Genius Shit Ever” – appears to be referencing Patrick Ho, who was a former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong, as a “spy chief of China” while lamenting how his business partner Ye Jianming of CEFC China Energy had disappeared.

Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Feds Obtained FISA Warrant Against Hunter Biden’s Chinese Business Associate, Documents Show  You know what that means? Joe Biden was only two hops away. Brian Preston at PJ Media, Bobulinski Bombshell: The Bidens are 'Compromised' and Lying About Joe's Knowledge of Hunter's Deals With China. Fox, Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker: Joe Biden denials of involvement in son's business 'a blatant lie' Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Hunter Biden's former business partner tried striking deals with politicians for years. Why? The same reason Bonny and Clyde robbed banks, that's where the money is.

Sundance at CTH had the video at He’s Got Tapes? -Tucker Carlson Interviews Hunter Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski – 8:00pm Tonight…, but somebody took it private. Let's see how long this one stays up:

Post Millennial, Email reveals deal planned between Hunter Biden and Mark Zuckerberg. Tim Worstall at WaEx says Hunter Biden wasn't the customer, he was the product
Whether or not it worked, the people handing over the money thought they were buying Joe Biden's attention. That's why Hunter Biden got those jobs. In effect, he wasn't the customer, or the employee, or the board member — he was the product.

This is just how that part of the world worked, and in parts still does work. Family members of important people are brought on as employees or on to the board in order to gain access to important people. It's possible to think that Hunter was ever so slightly sleazy in his actions (me too, to be sure) but don't think that either of us was too stupid to know what we were doing.

Now, we can go on to ponder how much this changed U.S. policy at a time that Joe Biden was running the Obama administration's Ukraine policy and wonder whether being in a venture-capital relationship with the Chinese government is quite and wholly unremarkable. No doubt, we'll all take politically partisan positions on either side of those questions.

But we do need to recognize the reality here: The people buying Hunter Biden's "business acumen" were doing so because he was the son of a long-sitting senator and then the vice president. That's just what such people in such places pay said money for, political influence. Hunter was retailing that dream of what people wanted to buy, whether he came through or not.

At JTN, John Solomon has Seven uncomfortable realities confronting the Democrat nominee about the Biden family scandal: 1. Appearance of a conflict of interest . . . 2. U.S. concerns about bribery on Hunter Biden's watch at Burisma . . . 3. Joe Biden's claim he did not discuss his son's business contradicted by public evidence . . . 4. Evidence suggesting Joe Biden had a secret stake in Hunter Biden's business world . . .5 . The videotaped confession Joe Biden made about strong-arming Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor . . . 6. A Democratic firm's relentless pressure on behalf of Hunter Biden's Ukraine gas firm . . . 7. The National Security Question: Did flagged suspicious financial transactions compromise a political family?

Interesting thought from Leonora Thompson at America: The Blog: Are Hunter and Ashley Biden Subliminally Trying to Take Down and Escape Creepy Controlling Dad, Joe Biden?

Plenty more (and some overlap) at the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.27.20 (Morning Edition) and In The Mailbox: 10.27.20 (Evening Edition) and at Ace's in JJ Sefton's The Morning Report - 10/28/20.

The press, other than Fox, continues to play the coverup game. John Daniel Davidson at Da Fed, The Hunter Biden Scandal Has Exposed The Corporate Press’s Corruption And Condescension

As Matt Taibbi noted last week, the dogged refusal of the mainstream press to cover the story, together with Twitter and Facebook’s decision to block access to the Post’s reporting, might prove to be a bigger scandal than whatever Hunter and his dad were up to in China. Information about the Biden scandal has been so politicized, writes Taibbi, that American audiences can hardly look up anything about Hunter and China without running into “thickets of propagandistic contextualizing” — fact-checks and explainers and op-eds that keep readers away from what substantive reporting does exist, lest they come to their own conclusions about the Biden family business.

The NYT's caged conservative,  The Media’s Hunter Biden Conundrum "It should be possible to cover revelations about the Biden family that are neither disinformation nor the greatest scandal of our time." OK, I'll admit it's not the greatest scandal of our time. That has to go to Russia/Spygate, where the outgoing Obama administration used to power of the federal intelligence apparatus to hobble the incoming Trump administration. But this has a pretty good case for #2. Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Here’s ‘One of the Clearest and Most Important Sentences You'll Read’ About the Media and Hunter Biden

Joseph Klein at Front Page, The Dirty Deals of NPR
National Public Radio (NPR) does not serve the American taxpayers who are paying its bills. Most recently, NPR did its part to shield Joe Biden from the fallout of the Biden family pay-for-access corruption scheme. That’s nothing new. NPR has long served as the leftwing progressive Democrat Party’s propaganda arm. Back in 2016, for example, NPR shilled for the disastrous nuclear deal pushed by the Obama administration, after receiving funding from a pro-nuclear deal advocacy group. It is long past time to end the gravy train and defund NPR.

On October 22nd, NPR’s public editor rationalized NPR’s decision to suppress coverage of the New York Post’s expose of the Hunter Biden e-mails implicating Joe Biden himself in his son’s business dealings. NPR’s managing editor Terence Samuel tweeted: “We don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don't want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

The Media Research Center retorted: “How exactly is doing what is supposed to be your job of reporting and investigating a story with credible sources to be a ‘waste of time?’