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Russiagate: Let the Sunshine In

The news du jour is that John Brennan was appraised of the Russian intelligence that claimed Hillary Clinton's campaign had conceived a plan to raise the issue of Russian interference as a counter to her email scandal, and that he, in turn, briefed President Obama, James Comey and Susan Rice. 'Shipwreckedcrew' at Red State, BREAKING: Brennan Notes Show Obama WH Briefed on Clinton Plan to Link Russian Interference to Trump Campaign to Distract

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified and released two documents today which reveal that the Obama Administration possessed information in the summer of 2016 suggesting the alleged relationship between Russian election interference and members of the Trump Campaign was a plan devised by a foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton.

The first document contains handwritten notes of CIA Director John Brennan taken during a White House briefing. Notations indicate that persons who spoke during the briefing were “POTUS”, “JC” (presumably FBI Dir. Jim Comey), “Denis” (presumably White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonogh), and “Susan” (presumably National Security Advisor Susan Rice).

The comments reflecting the existence of a Clinton “plan” are attributed to someone whose name is redacted in the margin on the left side of the notes. That is likely a CIA or NSA official who is reporting the intelligence information.

Brennan’s notes regarding that person’s comments read:
We’re gaining additional insight into Russian activities from [REDACTED]
CITE alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on 28 July of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.
POTUS — Any evidence of collaboration between Trump campaign and Russia?
The comments of JC, Denis, and Susan reflected in the notes are all redacted.

A second document released by DNI Ratcliffe is a Referral from the CIA to the FBI with regard to this information. The Memorandum was directed to “Director” and to Peter Strzok, identified as “Deputy Assistant Director for Operations Branch 1, Counterintelligence Division.”

The Memorandum is heavily redacted, but the following passage is disclosed:
“Per FBI verbal request, CIA provides the below examples of information the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE fusion cell has gleaned to date.”
“An exchange [REDACTED] discussing US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public form her use of a private email server.”
Last week DNI Ratcliffe disclosed the existence of these two documents, and their contents, to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Democrats and media began immediately trying to kill the story by claiming that the information DNI Ratcliffe was passing on was actually Russian “disinformation” that was part of the campaign by the Russians in the summer of 2016 to discredit Clinton as a candidate in order to benefit Pres. Trump in the contest against her.

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Crossfire Hurricane fusion cell? Hmm. Is this the FBI and CIA working together to take out Trump? 'Shipwreckedcrew' also discusses why the document is probably not Russian disinformation as the Democrats and media (but I redund), like to claim. 

The inescapable consequence of these facts are that the senior most intelligence and law enforcement officials — while supposedly “chasing” evidence of a collaborative relationship between Russian intelligence services and members of the Trump campaign to gain an electoral advantage over Clinton, were at the same time ignoring information gleaned from intelligence operations that the “chatter” about such a relationship was actually the product of a “disinformation” campaign spawned and carried out by the Clinton campaign to gain an electoral advantage.


More sinisterly, a few senior intelligence and law enforcement officials helped create such an investigation and imbued it with a sense of paramount urgency FOR THE PURPOSE of lending credence to, and providing cover for the ongoing effort of the Clinton campaign to vilify Donald Trump as a Russian stooge.

That is an outlandish charge, but one that is getting harder and harder to dismiss as fantastical.

Sean Davis, da Fed,  BREAKING: DNI Declassifies Handwritten Notes From John Brennan, 2016 CIA Referral On Clinton Campaign’s Collusion Operation

There is no evidence the FBI ever took any action to ensure that Russian knowledge of Clinton’s plans did not lead to infiltration of that campaign’s operation by Russian intelligence agents. The CIA referral, specifically its reference to a “CROSSFIRE HURRICANE fusion cell,” suggests that the Obama administration’s anti-Trump investigation may not have been limited to the FBI, but may have included the use of CIA assets and surveillance capabilities, raising troubling questions about whether the nation’s top spy service was weaponized against a U.S. political campaign.

Much more. Katie Pavlich at Town Hall,  Caught Red Handed: Brennan's Handwritten Notes Prove Obama Was Briefed on Scheme to Set Up Trump. John Solomon at JTN, Declassified memos: CIA feared Clinton was 'stirring up' false Russia collusion narrative. Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Intel Chief Declassifies CIA Documents Regarding Alleged Clinton Plan To Link Trump To Russia’s Hacking. Twitchy, Newly declassified documents reveal John Brennan briefed President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s plan to tie Trump to Russia and Ace, John Ratcliffe Declassifies Brennan's Notes Regarding Hillary Clinton Plan to Plant "Russia Collusion" Conspiracy Theory -- to Distract from Hillary Clinton's Server/Email Scandal

Note that this isn't confirmation that Hillary Clinton created this fiction in order to distract from her own very real feeding of US intelligence to Russia, through her illegal, unsecured Toilet Server.

But it's very, very close to that.

This story is about the head of the CIA personally briefing the president of Russian intelligence reporting that Hillary Clinton was preparing to smear Trump with the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory to distract from her own real national security scandal.

The fact that Russian intelligence is reporting this doesn't make the claim true.

But here's something that maybe does:

Why would the head of the CIA personally brief President Obama about this upcoming planned smear if the intelligence were known to not be credible?

That is, you don't go in to personally brief the president about any intelligence, both the jewels and the garbage.

Sophie Mann at JTN, 'Deliberate coverup.' Nunes says CIA withheld information from Russia collusion probe. Well, yes, and they're still trying to keep it well buried, thanks to Gina Haspel. Jordan Davidson at Da Fed, Senators Press FBI To Stop Stonewalling Crossfire Hurricane Investigation Subpoenas, and from Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Ron Johnson issues subpoenas for testimony and documents from 'Spygate' figure Stefan Halper Chris Farrel from Judicial Watch at Da Caller,   It’s Time To Have All Of The Facts About Russiagate

Breitbart, Trump Authorizes ‘Total Declassification’ of ‘Any’ and ‘All Documents’ Pertaining to Russia Hoax, and Clinton Email and Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Trump: I’m Declassifying Everything On “The Single Greatest Political CRIME In American History” 
However, one has to ask — why now? Why didn’t Trump order this declassification at the end of the Mueller probe? It will take weeks, perhaps months, to sift through all of the material and attempt to recreate what actually took place. Had Trump done this even after the Senate impeachment trial on other grounds (but still clearly driven by Russia-gate passions), it might have proven salutary in his re-election bid. Had Trump declassified it even in July on the four-year anniversary of the launch of Crossfire Hurricane, it still would have left plenty of time to discover what Obama and Joe Biden knew and whether they helped perpetrate “the single greatest political CRIME in American History.”

At this point, however, it’s probably too late. Even if everything came out in a rush and it proves Trump right about the “crime,” it will be colored by the obvious electoral implications — and ignored by the mainstream media for just long enough that it won’t matter. Trump had the authority to act on this for the last four years, and the political room for it since Mueller testified in the middle of last year. His hesitation may prove very costly.

Alas, possibly true. But it doesn't seem like many minds are being changed one way or the the. Democrats seemed to accept the crimes, and just think Trump had it coming. Is this something worthwhile? From the Capital Research Center, Introducing the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Archive

Today, we began posting the “bios” of more than 200 figures involved in the hoax—enough characters for a Russian novel. The first batch is “Obama/Comey-Era Officials” with last names beginning A–C. The rest of the 200+ will follow in the coming days and weeks. This is intended to be an archive of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, which we will continue to update and expand as circumstances dictate.

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