Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Back From Fishing - Way Down Upon the Honga River

I got a call for a walk-on trip with Pete for today on Monday; one of his other clients who had a trip booked was deserted by his fellows, and Pete needed people to fill it. It was a trip with three fishermen; besides myself, Dave and Bill. We started off at Cedar Point (not pictured) where we fairly rapidly filled our limit of Striped Bass from 22 to 28 inches. After that we crossed the Bay into the Honga River, through to lower Honga River Bridge, aka the lower Bridge to Nowhere.

As you can see the day was overcast and misty, and 60-70 F. Here you see Fisherville (the town on the northside of the lower Bridge to Nowhere), from the Honga River side. Hoopers Island is about one street wide.

We saw and fished a lot of this kind of land/waterscapes, mouths of small tidal creeks where water either runs in or out depending on the tide, and points that concentrate the currents that run along the shoreline. Both types of structure tended to have fish, almost, but not exclusively striped bass. You could catch a few, but soon had to move on to the next.

Typical sod banks on the salt marsh.  Earlier in the day, the water was up in the grass.
A Great White Egret (not a Great White Heron like Whitey) out on the salt marsh.

Pete with the most amazing fish of the day. He caught this striper in the little tidal creek you see over his right shoulder by casting a popper up into, and along the edge of the creek. The striper hit it on the corner you see there
The rest of us, with most of our keeper fish. Bill also caught a 12 in White Perch and one Speckled Sea Trout

About to go back under the lower bridge to get back to the other side of the world, as the sun starts to break through the clouds in places.

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