Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Climate Activists Unhappy with Level of Propaganda in Virginia's Schools

Or as the Virginia Mercury puts it, A national report says Virginia is failing in climate change education. State officials dispute that.

A report by two major educational nonprofits released last week on how states’ science standards for public schools handle climate change gave Virginia a failing grade, citing “abysmal scores across the board.”

“Humanity’s impact is downplayed in the standards and is obfuscated by saying ‘natural’ causes of climate change and ‘chemicals’ being released into the environment without stating what chemicals those are,” wrote one of three reviewers who evaluated state standards for the study.

Wow, almost an admission the climate changes in the absence of SUVs and powerplants?

However, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Education says the report misses the mark because it fails to capture what students are actually taught in Virginia public schools, overlooking more detailed guidance published by the state.

The report, entitled “Making the Grade?: How State Public School Science Standards Address Climate Change,” was issued by the National Center for Science Education and the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund.

Both groups have been closely involved in advocating for science-based education on settled questions of science like climate change and evolution that have nonetheless become matters of public controversy.

Note the unnecessary (and in my opinion untrue) insertion of "settled questions." 

“The primary recommendation to education policymakers is obvious: revise state science standards as far as necessary to reflect the scientific consensus on climate change,” the report concluded.

If it's consensus, it's not science; if it's science, it's not consensus. 

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